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Prostitution can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the circumstances that led to your arrest. Regardless, misdemeanor or felony prostitution charges will lead to a permanent criminal record if you are convicted, in addition to jail time and fines.

A Lake Mary prostitution lawyer understands how much is at stake and can develop a potent defense strategy based around the facts of your charge. A trustworthy criminal attorney will put tremendous effort into fighting your charge and defending your future. We will also actively work to help you avoid the significant consequences that this charge can have on your personal and professional life

Types of Prostitution Charges

Prostitution refers to promoting or engaging in sexual activities for financial gain. The solicitation of a prostitute involves inducing, enticing, or engaging another individual to partake in prostitution. There are a wide range of other actions that can lead to prostitution charges, such as:

  • Owning or operating a location where prostitution occurs
  • Offering to engage in the act of prostitution
  • Renting a place for the purpose of prostitution
  • Transporting someone to a place used for prostitution
  • Receiving financial gain from prostitution-related activities
  • Securing a minor for the purposes of prostitution

A Lake Mary attorney can provide a vigilant defense that seeks to mitigate or eliminate the devastating outcomes of a prostitution conviction.

Penalties for Prostitution-Related Charges

If you are arrested and charged for any prostitution-related crime, you could face misdemeanor or felony penalties if convicted. The severity of the legal consequences associated with prostitution will hinge on numerous factors, like the details of the charge, your criminal history, and the age of the parties involved.

For example, first-time conviction for solicitation of prostitution is typically a first-degree misdemeanor. A conviction can carry penalties including up to one year in jail, plus a fine of no more than $1,000. However, a second violation can increase the offense to a third-degree felony, which carries a prison term of up to five years, plus financial penalties as high as $5,000.

Recruiting or pimping someone to engage in prostitution is also typically a third-degree felony. However, Prostitution involving a minor child is a first-degree felony. Punishments can include up to life in prison, along with financial penalties of up to $10,000.

In addition to prison time and fines, prostitution-related offenses carry other wide-ranging legal ramifications. These can include probation, restitution requirements, community service, loss of voting privileges, and sex offender registration.

A conviction for prostitution, solicitation of prostitution, or another similar crime can follow you for the rest of your life. You need a Lake Mary attorney who can aggressively defend your interests and leverage all defense strategies to reduce these possible consequences.

What Defense Are Available?

When mounting a compelling defense against prostitution charges, an attorney may leverage numerous approaches to achieve the most favorable outcome. Insufficient evidence or mistaken identity are possible defenses to a prostitution charges.

The prosecution must prove all elements of your prostitution charge beyond a reasonable doubt to achieve a conviction. If any element is missing, their case will not hold up. For instance, if your motives were misinterpreted, then the intent element would be missing from the prosecution’s case. If sexual activity did occur, but there was no exchange of financial gain between the parties, a prostitution charge could fall flat.

In some cases, the right defense against a Lake Mary prostitution charge may hinge on procedural elements. Entrapment, failure to read your Miranda rights, or other missteps by law enforcement are a handful of examples.

Ask a Lake Mary Prostitution Attorney to Help with Your Defense

If you were arrested for sex work, you should not try to handle your defense alone. A Lake Mary prostitution lawyer can thoroughly evaluate your case and develop a clear strategy for moving forward.

Whether negotiating a plea bargain or fighting to get your charge dismissed, The Umansky Law Firm stands by your side every step of the way and navigates every legal hurdle alongside you. Contact us today to receive your free, confidential legal consultation and speak with someone who is committed to your wellbeing and freedom.

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