Tampering with a Witness in Orlando

Give us a call immediately for a free case review with one of our experienced attorneys. Getting charged with witness tampering can be very serious, and those who don’t choose a private attorney may be gambling with time from their lives.

Tampering with a witness in Orlando means that a person is accused of threatening or being violent toward a person who is a witness or an informant. Whether or not the threat is carried out doesn’t impact the charge. In the United States, if the attack is violent the defendant could end up spending twenty years in jail. Getting an attorney can keep the accused from having to do this.

In Florida, the amount of time a person could serve depends on what kind of charge the witness was testifying at, the more serious the charge the more time spent. If a witness in a murder trial is being threatened, the person who does so could face very serious time. Generally, this is at least going to be a felony. However, if the crime was only a misdemeanor, then the amount of time served would be somewhat less. Even things that the police deem were trying to mislead them or say something that is misleading, they may add other charges. Those who have been charged with as well need to get good legal help. A criminal defense lawyer can help defendants to avoid spending time in jail over this charge.

A lawyer in Florida will inform those who have been charged with this crime that they should immediately stop contacting any of the witnesses and all involved with the case. It is best not to tell the police anything, as trying to clear up these problems alone will likely make the situation worse. The police may use any statements that are made to them to help convict the person. A lawyer may be able to find a reason that the defendant really needed to talk to the witness, or make it hard to prove that the witness was actually talked with. This is a serious charge, so going without a lawyer could end poorly.

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    Tampering with a Witness in Orlando