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If the state alleges you and one or more people conspired and intended to complete a criminal action, they may arrest you for conspiracy. While you could face conspiracy charges for any crime, federal and state prosecutors typically file the charges in cases involving drug trafficking or other drug charges and violent felony offenses.

An arrest leading to conviction can mean facing harsh penalties with lasting consequences that cause ongoing problems in your future. Therefore, those facing charges must take the case seriously and prepare a strong defense strategy immediately. Schedule to meet with an Orlando conspiracy lawyer for more information and to get help planning your defense. Working with a tenacious defense attorney is the most effective way to reach the best potential outcome in your case.

The Criminal Conspiracy Statute in Orlando

Criminal conspiracy charges do not require that anybody actually commits a criminal offense. However, the state can often charge people with both the conspiracy to commit a crime and the crime itself. Per the guidance of Florida Statute § 777.04, criminal conspiracy is the act of two or more people that conspire and agree to commit a criminal offense.

The federal regulation, and many other states, require the individual or a co-conspirator to carry out one action of the intended plan in order for the conspiracy charge to stand. However, in Florida, carrying out an action is not required for a conspiracy conviction.

Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Conspiracy Offenses

The severity of the charges and penalties for a conviction of criminal conspiracy in Orlando will depend on the seriousness of the criminal action the group conspired to carry out. They will face prosecution for misdemeanor conspiracy if they planned and agreed to commit a misdemeanor offense. When the state alleges two or more people conspired to commit a felony offense, they could face felony criminal conspiracy charges.

The Elements of Conspiracy

The state or federal prosecutor must prove the person or people in question committed criminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt requires them to establish the presence of both elements of the offense, which are:

  • The defendant agreed and intended to commit conspiracy
  • The group joined in or formed an agreement and alliance

If the prosecutor cannot prove the defendant intended and agreed with one or more people to commit a crime, they do not have proof of conspiracy.

Possible Defense Strategies Against Criminal Conspiracy

An Orlando conspiracy lawyer has multiple options for rebutting the charge. Some of the standard defenses against criminal conspiracy charges include the following:

  • There was no evidence of the agreement
  • Defendant had minimal involvement in the criminal offense without any agreement
  • There was no evidence of the defendant’s involvement in the crime or illegal activity
  • The defendant was tricked into committing the offense or experienced entrapment

An attorney could review the state’s case and its evidence to help determine the best defense against the charges.

Meet With an Experienced Orlando Conspiracy Attorney

The state and federal governments commonly charge defendants with criminal conspiracy charges on top of the crime they may have committed. They may also use the charges as leverage against the individual to reach a plea agreement or testify against the other alleged conspirators.

It is never wise to enter into a plea or agreement without understanding your rights and viewing all your options. Call a hard-working Orlando conspiracy lawyer today and schedule a consultation to review your case. The Umansky Law Firm is your legal partner in this fight.

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