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Under Florida criminal laws, penal codes and statutes, the phrase “white collar crime” is not an actual legal term. However, it refers to those people in the professional and business world who are charged with a multitude of theft and fraud-related criminal offenses. In general, white collar crimes involve either some form of theft or fraud. Whether it is stealing another person’s identity or creating fraudulent applications for several mortgages, white collar crimes are very serious. Especially if your case becomes high-profile or in the media, the public is generally not sympathetic for rich defendants. This may seem cruel but it is the harsh truth and a reality in many situations.

We are forthright and real when it comes to letting our criminal defense clients understand the seriousness of their situation, potential outcomes and what our plan of action is as far as defense strategies. Call our Orlando white collar crime lawyers to discuss your situation.

What Constitutes White-Collar Crime?

The term white-collar crime refers to offenses that occur in non-manual work environments. These crimes are typically perpetrated by a person placed in a position of power or trust. Often, they involve illegal or unethical trade practices designed to defraud others. An Orlando white-collar defense attorney could assist with the following charges:

Most white-collar offenses involve large sums of money. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that these can carry steep penalties. An aggressive approach to defending against these allegations could prevent these consequences from playing out.

Potential Defenses

There are many different white-collar crimes, and defense strategies that work for some might not be an option for others. What all white-collar offenses do have in common is some form of criminal intent. It is nearly impossible to accidentally commit a crime involving fraud or embezzlement. That means a valid defense strategy could involve highlighting the lack of evidence of criminal intent. By showing that the actions in question were harmless mistakes or made in good faith, a criminal case could fall apart.

White-collar criminal cases often involve the heavy use of documentary evidence. However, it could serve as a viable defense if law enforcement violated a defendant’s rights when they secured this evidence. Unlawful searches and seizures make for common defenses in white-collar criminal cases.

Consequences of a White-Collar Conviction

There are serious consequences that can follow any criminal conviction and white-collar crimes are no exception. In fact, the penalties for these offenses can be high—particularly compared to other non-violent offenses. Thankfully, an Orlando white-collar crime defense attorney could help mitigate or even avoid these consequences.

Like with any serious crime, there is always the risk of incarceration. Depending on the severity of the offense, a conviction could result in years of prison time, or steep monetary fines totaling thousands of dollars.

There are other ways a conviction could impact a person’s life. A white-collar criminal conviction could lead to the revocation of a professional license and loss of employment. There is also the social stigma that comes with being convicted of a crime like this. This means the punishment for the crime could last well beyond those listed out by the court.

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A white-collar crime could result in life-altering consequences if you are convicted. It is important to remember that an investigation or an arrest will never guarantee a guilty verdict.

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