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Various state and federal laws protect consumers from false and misleading advertising. It is illegal for a business to make deceptive, misleading, or false claims about quality, pricing, or the purpose of its products. Those misled by this kind of fake advertising should contact an Orlando false and misleading advertising lawyer as soon as possible to learn their rights and what legal actions are available.

False Advertising vs. Misleading Advertising in Orlando

The difference between a false or misleading advertisement depends on the intent behind the act. Any published claim that is false or deceptive is a false advertisement. Ads that purposely share information about a product that gives a consumer an incorrect understanding is misleading advertising. These types of criminal practices can cause damages and financial losses to customers.

A consumer suffering a significant or small loss due to misleading or false advertisement practices isn’t the primary issue. The most important takeaway from these experiences is that they should never occur in the first place. Those who have suffered financial damages or any other kind of loss may seek compensation through a class action lawsuit.

Types of Florida False and Misleading Advertisement Tactics

Many companies may use several deceptive tactics to lure potential customers to buy their products. It’s important to understand how these methods work if you are a business owner or think you are a victim.

Failure to disclose-  This is a term used when businesses fail to inform consumers that an item or service is not available or its offer expired.

High-pressure sales tactics- This method is used to heavily pressure a consumer to purchase goods or services they don’t or weren’t planning on a purchase.

Bait and switch advertising- This is an advertisement for products that businesses do not have intentions of selling or providing to customers. Often, enterprises promise services or items at a specific cost that initially attracts customers into the store. Once inside, the company attempts to sell different goods and services that cost more.

Artificially inflating prices- Businesses like to give the impression that there are great deals on their available products or services by overpricing the item based on false statements or advertisements.

Deceptive contracts- These contracts contain purposely unclear fine print or promises that the customer might overlook or misunderstand.

Penalties for False and Misleading Advertising

Companies that face accusations of false advertising risk many penalties. The long-term damages to a company’s reputation and future business plans for this type of violation are severe. Some of the consequences a company might be forced to suffer are:

  • No longer run certain advertisements
  • Cease deceptive practices
  • Include disclosures in their advertisements
  • Pay fines of up to $10,000 per violation
  • Pay monetary damages and attorney’s fees to consumers and other parties

Businesses falsely accused of misleading advertising should seek representation immediately to protect their assets and good name.

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It is illegal for companies to use deceptive practices when advertising their products or services. If found guilty of these advertisement methods, damages, attorney’s costs, and expensive fines may be levied against your corporation. These consequences make hiring an experienced Orlando false advertising defense lawyer critical to building a defense and protecting your company’s future.

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