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All situations where a person faces an arrest and prosecution for an alleged crime in Orlando is a serious matter. However, the harshest potential penalties apply when a prosecutor brings charges that rise to the level of a felony. In every instance, a conviction carries the potential for a prison sentence in excess of one year. In other situations, state law orders a mandatory-minimum prison term.

It is essential that all people facing felony charges give themselves every possible advantage moving forward. Hiring an Orlando felony lawyer to handle the case could give you the edge. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney works to fully investigate the matter at hand, evaluate the legality of the charges that a prosecutor is bringing, and develop a defense that fits the facts of the case and aims to meet your personal goals.

What it Means to Face a Felony-Level Charge

Felony charges are the most serious accusations that a person can face in Orlando or anywhere else in the state. In general, these charges allege that a person has committed an act of serious violence, extreme property damage, or that goes against the public welfare.

One particularly interesting example is Florida Statute § 812.081, which makes it a felony of the third degree to steal a trade secret, which is a pattern, device, or formula that play a key role in the operation or advantage of a business. As a felony of the third degree, convictions can bring a prison sentence of up to five years, a fine of up to $5,000, or both. Other prominent examples of felonies in Orlando include:

Consulting with an Orlando felony attorney could help someone understand the specific nature of their case when they face allegations of committing a felony.

Providing Aggressive Defenses Against Felony Accusations

It is vital that every person facing a felony charge in Orlando takes quick and effective steps to protect themselves. This can start as soon as a person learns that they are a target in a police investigation into an alleged crime. An Orlando felony lawyer could help by protecting people from police interrogation techniques and improper lineup identifications.

An attorney also aims to provide effective assistance during every court hearing. This includes arguing for fair bail terms, disputing the need for restraining orders, and challenging the legality of evidence that a prosecutor intends to present at trial.

In addition, if the case does go to trial, a lawyer is ready to present evidence that supports your argument, and that may create reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors. Whether a person is looking to enter into a fair plea deal in the hopes of avoiding jail time or wants to fight the charges in court, a felony lawyer in Orlando is ready to develop a plan that meets every client’s specific goals.

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A felony conviction has the potential to change every part of your life. Even if this does not result in prison time, it will still label you as a felon and could make it difficult to obtain employment or housing. It is essential that you approach your case from a position of strength and be prepared to fight the prosecutor’s allegations every step of the way.

An Orlando felony lawyer from the Umansky Law Firm could provide this support. We work with people like you to understand your needs, evaluate your case, and identify a defense strategy that limits the impact of these accusations on your future. Give us a call now to see how we can offer assistance.

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