Tourist Car Accidents in Orlando

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the state of Florida. This is especially true in Orlando, which is the number one travel destination in the United States.

Many tourists fly into Orlando from across the United States and abroad and rent vehicles for their ground transportation, while others travel by personal vehicle from within the United States and Canada. As a tourist driving to your destination whether it is the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Universal Studios or one of central Florida’s water parks, you will be traveling on congested and unfamiliar roads and need to know your rights if you get a traffic ticket or are involved in an automobile accident. Whether or not you are a resident you are bound by the laws of Florida when operating a motor vehicle within the state. Ignorance of Florida laws is not a legal defense to any traffic violations or traffic accidents. That’s why the experience of a car accident injury attorney may be necessary.

Whether you receive a traffic ticket or become involved in an car accident, you need to cooperate with the law enforcement/investigating officer. Provide proof of your vehicle registration, automobile insurance, as well as your driver’s license and explain details of the accident. Make sure the investigating officer gives you a copy of the short form traffic crash report at the scene. This will have valuable information such as the names and addresses of other parties involved, their automobile insurance company, date, time and place of the accident, as well as the investigating officer’s name and law enforcement agency.

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    Tourist Car Accidents in Orlando