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When a driver travels through a construction zone, several types of accidents may ensue. Construction zones on the road typically mean that drivers must proceed with caution. While most drivers slow down in construction zones, many may drive recklessly regardless of their surroundings. Additionally, construction zones themselves may maintain hazards that can lead to an accident. In either situation, you may be at higher risk than usual for getting involved in a car accident that was not your fault.

In a busy city like Orlando, major highways exist in a perpetual state of construction. These projects are meant to improve accessibility and safety upon completion, but while the projects are ongoing they may create hazards. Construction zones often have signs posted that may be confusing to some drivers. The zone could require lane changes or detours which may cause drivers to get into an accident. Anyone who is involved in a road construction accident in Orlando, Florida because may be eligible to receive compensation for their losses. At the Umansky Law Firm, our car accident lawyers handle all the legal aspects of a personal injury case. An Orlando negligent road construction accident lawyer will access the damages and fight for the maximum compensation.

How Construction Zones Can Lead to Accidents

Our Orlando road construction accident attorneys have decades of combined experience fighting on behalf of car accident victims. While no two accidents are exactly alike, typical causes of construction zone accidents include:

  • Confusing Road Signs – This can lead to chaos on the road because drivers don’t know where to travel to avoid construction zones.
  • Ambiguous Lane Markings – Lanes may be marked differently in a construction zone. In some cases, drivers must change lanes or merge. If markings and road divisions are not properly set, it can easily lead to an accident.
  • Inadequate Dividers, Barriers, and Guardrails – Dividers, barriers, and guardrails are usually set up in live construction zones as safety precautions. They must be clear, or an accident can happen.
  • Unsafe Road Conditions – Unsafe road conditions around a construction zone can lead to an accident. Anything hazardous on the road can result in a disaster or tragedy.
  • Poor Traffic Control – Certain construction zones require people to guide traffic, especially when cars have to slow down or the roads merge into one. If there isn’t sufficient traffic control, an accident can occur.

Any of these situations can lead to an accident. If a person suffers an injury as a result of an accident that takes place in a construction zone, determining who is liable may be a challenge. Sometimes, it may be the construction company or an independent contractor. Our job at the Umansky Law Firm is to figure that out and help you recover the compensation you deserve to cover for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more.

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