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If you are injured in an accident occurring at an intersection and the other driver receives a ticket, you may think that fault will not be an issue in your case. However, traffic tickets cannot be introduced as evidence in court. When it comes time to resolve your case, the insurance company of the other driver could argue that you were partially at fault and reduce your settlement accordingly.

At The Umansky Law Firm, our car accident lawyers represent people who are injured in intersection accidents in Orlando and other communities in central Florida. If you or a loved one has been injured in a failure-to-yield accident, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss fault in your case and answer your questions about insurance.

How Fault Affects Compensation in Orlando Intersection Crashes

Florida is a comparative fault state. This means that the amount of compensation you receive in an accident is reduced by the percentage you were at fault (up to a maximum of 50% – after that, you are not allowed to recover any money).

For example, if you were 40 percent at fault for an accident occurring at an intersection, you could still receive compensation for 60 percent of your damages. In a case involving a catastrophic injury such as paralysis, those damages could be significant and could have a major impact on your financial well-being and quality of life.

You should never assume that fault will not be an issue in your personal injury case without talking to an experienced Orlando lawyer. If you are involved in an intersection accident, our lawyers will go to work immediately, gathering evidence and contacting witnesses. We also use accident reconstruction experts who can testify in court about fault issues.

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