Minor Car Accident Settlement Awards in Orlando

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According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, over 400,000 car accidents took place in the Sunshine State in 2017. More than 31,000 of those crashes took place in Orange County. Car accidents are a regular part of life in Central Florida. As the Orlando-area continues to expand, the population surge brings even more drivers to our famously-congested highways, increasing the potential for drivers to experience minor car accidents.

While it is possible to sustain injuries in a low-speed crash, many people choose not to retain a lawyer to file a claim. In a no-fault state like Florida, drivers must file claims with their own insurance companies to receive funds for property damage and medical bills; however, the funds they receive may not be the most they can nor should receive for all of their accident-related expenses. Additionally, minor car accident victims miss out on pain and suffering damages for intangible losses they may also endure. An experienced car accident lawyer can be a valuable asset in acquiring minor car accident settlement awards in Orlando.

The Effects of Minor Car Accidents

Like any other accident, a minor car accident can leave lasting effects. Although the bills might be smaller than more severe crashes, accidents of all kinds can impact victims physically and emotionally.

The following injuries can still occur in a minor accident:

  • Head and back injuries like minor concussions/TBI
  • Neck and chest injuries like whiplash
  • Minor injuries to the extremities (arms, legs, feet)
  • Emotional trauma

Immediately after a car crash, your body may go into shock. The rush of adrenaline produced to protect you and get you to safety may naturally mask the sensation of any injuries you may have sustained. Once this shock wears off, you may feel the effects of the crash more deeply.

When considering whether you wish to file an insurance claim on your own or hire an attorney, think carefully about your physical state. If you have suffered pain and emotional trauma, an attorney can help you recover for these additional damages in an accident caused by the negligence of another driver.

What is “Pain and Suffering?”

Pain and suffering refers to the physical and emotional pain a person experiences after a car accident. When the accident was due to negligence, you are legally entitled to compensation for the pain you feel from your injuries, discomfort, and the limitations your injury imposes on your life. Pain and suffering damages may not be awarded in all car accident cases; in a minor accident, it is especially difficult to justify these damages. If you fail to hire an attorney for a minor accident in a no-fault state like Florida, you cannot recover funds for pain and suffering.

On the other hand, an attorney will need to thoroughly investigate your accident and our injuries to secure pain and suffering damages. If you choose to go through an attorney, you will not file a claim against your own insurance company for compensation. Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company to reach a just compromise.

Calculating Pain and Suffering Damages in a Minor Car Accident

It’s easy to overestimate the value of your pain and suffering, which is why many claims for pain and suffering get denied outright. If you wish to pursue compensation for pain and suffering, your attorney will be able to provide a reasonable estimate based on past successful cases similar to yours. Relying on an auto accident attorney to judge your pain and suffering value will give your claim a fighting chance to be fulfilled by the responsible insurance company.

Recover an Award Settlement for a Minor Car Crash in Orlando

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    Minor Car Accident Settlement Awards in Orlando