PIP Coverage in Orlando Car Accidents

One of the big concerns for people who get into accidents is how they are going to pay for the injuries and the damage done. Luckily, PIP coverage is often available in Orlando car accidents to help cover some of your initial losses. To learn more about what this means for your specific situation, call one of our experienced vehicle accident attorneys.

What is PIP Coverage?

Drivers should understand the initial insurance coverages that are available to them. In the state of Florida, there is no liability mandate. Instead, they have what is called personal injury protection, or PIP. For every individual who has their own car insurance or lives with a blood relative has insurance—if they are involved in an auto accident, regardless of whether they are at fault or not, they are going to be allotted $10,000 of PIP. That PIP will pay 80% of every bill that is reasonable and customary, up until $10,000.

Another thing that people need to know is that almost 25% of all drivers on the road in Florida do not have any type of insurance. That liability coverage is a provision that pays for those injuries that someone may have sustained. Underinsured motorist protection is a coverage that most insurance companies do not necessarily advertise but it is something that is incredibly vital to have to ensure a person is protected.

How Does PIP Coverage Impact Car Accident Cases in Orlando?

Regardless of whether you are at fault, you are going to be awarded $10,000 of coverage after your crash. That coverage can be utilized for your medical bills, wage loss, or out-of-pocket pocket expenses. PIP will pay 80% of every bill that is reasonable and customary up until $10,000. Most PIP carriers will also pay up to 60% of your wage loss when you are out for an injury.

In order to supplement this coverage, a person can have what is called a medical payment provision. For example, if someone has $5,000 of medical payments coverage, not only do they get the $10,000 of PIP, but MedPay then covers the rest of that bill.

What if Someone Does Not Have PIP Coverage?

There will be many times that individuals are not allotted personal injury protection – often motorcyclists. It could also be that the individual does not have a car, or does not live with someone who owns a car or has a valid policy. In that situation, they are not allotted the $10,000 in medical bills, which makes it even more important that they utilize an experienced attorney to ensure that their interests are represented.

Things to Know About Personal Injury Protection

Most people do not even know PIP car accident coverage exists, so speaking to a qualified Orlando attorney is important for an individual to understand what it is, how to utilize it, when to utilize it, and what to utilize it for.

There are many drivers who do not have health insurance or are scared to get the treatment they need for fear of incurring large medical bills. However, PIP will pay for that ambulance or ER visit up to 80%. In many instances, PIP takes care of the majority, if not all, of the bill.

A person must seek treatment from a medical doctor for their injury within 14 days of the accident to obtain those benefits. The doctor needs to diagnose them with an emergency medical condition, or EMC for short, which is why it is important to go to a medical center immediately, even if no symptoms exist yet

Call an Orlando Attorney to Learn About PIP Accident Coverage

Because PIP is not usually at the top of someone’s mind, you might not even realize that you have it. Call The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Attorneys for help. We can inform you of whether PIP coverage is available for your Orlando car accident.

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    PIP Coverage in Orlando Car Accidents