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Recreational vehicles, commonly referred to as RVs, are seen as the All-American family vehicle and are advertised as such. From movies to commercials, one can find large families packing their bags, loading up the RV, and hitting the road.

These hotels on wheels give occupants the experience and comfort of essentially traveling in their home. However, as inviting and accommodating as these vehicles may be, they’re equally dangerous to ride in when an accident occurs. If you or a loved one is injured in an RV accident, be sure to seek immediate legal representation.

The Orlando recreational vehicle accident lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm are to help you through this troubling time. Our team of motor vehicle accident attorneys has over 100 years of combined experience representing individuals of the Greater Central Florida area and helping them recover fair compensation for all related damages. Get in touch with us today to start on your road to financial recovery.

Common Causes of Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Although RVs can be considerably larger and heavier than traditional passenger vehicles, Florida does not require drivers to obtain special licensing to operate them.

According to Florida § 322.53(2)(d), all RVs, regardless of weight, are exempt from Commercial Drivers License (CDL) requirements. This means that an individual who typically drives a 4-door sedan can legally operate a 31-foot, 10,000 lb RV.

While this may be convenient for some, it increases the chances of an inexperienced driver getting into a severe RV accident. Some of the most common causes for RV accidents in Orlando include:

  • Miscalculated turns
  • Speeding
  • Improperly balanced loads
  • Fatigued driving
  • Runaway trailers
  • Overloading
  • Late braking

Many of these causes are a direct result of simply not having experience operating such a large vehicle. Combine that with many other preventable factors like distracted and reckless driving, and you have a recipe for a damaging accident.

Recreational Vehicle Accident Injuries

This disheartening possibility of any vehicular accident is passengers sustaining injuries. The chances of this occurring in RV accidents drastically increases as passengers rarely wear seat belts. Common RV accident injuries include:

Medical bills are likely to pile depending on the severity of your injury, and you may even require ongoing care. This may force you to miss work for an extended period and hinder your ability to yield an income. The last of your worries while recovering from a traumatizing injury should be affording treatment.

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