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Have you been arrested on suspicion of or charged with indecent exposure in Florida? The charges against you can result in serious penalties. Even a first-degree misdemeanor conviction can result in jail time up to one year and/or a $1,000 fine and counseling, among other penalties. An Orlando indecent exposure lawyer from our firm can talk to you about your rights and options, and begin building a strong defense on your behalf.

Florida Indecent Exposure Laws

Indecent exposure is defined as a person unlawfully exposing his or her sexual organs in a vulgar manner or an indecent manner. Indecent exposure charges could arise from:

  • A person urinating in public
  • A person being nude in public
  • A person unlawfully exposing his or her sexual organs to a minor
  • Two people engaging in sexual activity in public

In many situations, the prosecution must prove that the individual charged with indecent exposure had lascivious intent in order to obtain a conviction. This means that the alleged offender intended to show his or her genitals to an unsuspecting and unwilling individual. A person urinating in a park, therefore, may not have been acting with lascivious intent. Our lawyers will discuss the facts of your case to determine whether we can challenge the prosecution’s assertions of intent.

Indecent Exposure Defense Strategies

Other defense strategies include entrapment and false allegations. Did an undercover police officer lead you into committing a crime you would not otherwise have committed? Did someone wrongfully accuse you of exposing your genitals? Is the charge too harsh for the actual situation? These are all important questions that need to be asked in order to have a chance at a successful outcome. Our Orlando indecent exposure attorneys have substantial experience analyzing and fighting charges in order to minimize consequences of a sexual offense charge.

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At The Umansky Law Firm, our lawyers represent clients who have been charged with all types of sex crimes, including lewd conduct and indecent exposure. All of our Orlando indecent exposure lawyers are former prosecutors with years of experience tackling complex and difficult sex crime cases. We use our experience to anticipate the prosecution’s strategies and respond accordingly with your defense. Call us or contact us online.

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