Sex Crime Defense Strategies in Orlando

You have been arrested and charged for a sex-based crime and have no idea what to do next. Preparing a strong defense for the trial gives you the best chance to defeat the allegations and avoid a conviction. A sex crime conviction could impact your personal and professional aspirations and require mandatory sex-offender registration. When you are convicted of a sex crime, it will likely impact your ability to gain employment or where you can live. It could also strain your close relationships and cost you a lot of money to fight the charges.

An experienced sex crime defense lawyer could review the facts of your case and recommend a reliable sex crime defense strategy in Orlando. We have helped clients successfully defend against allegations in Central Florida and know how the local courts and prosecutors treat these cases. To learn more about your rights as a defendant or to discuss potential defenses, contact The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Attorneys to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

How Do I Defend Against a Sex-Related Criminal Charge?

Criminal defendants are innocent until proven guilty – that is the basis of the criminal justice system. But those accused of sex crimes often have to work much harder to prove their innocence in court. Defending against a sex crime charge requires gathering solid evidence to prove your innocence. Some common defense strategies in Orlando sex crime cases include the following, among many others.

Insufficient Evidence

When the state does not present sufficient evidence to prove their case against you, the prosecutor must drop or reduce the charges. For example, if there is no DNA evidence or proof of your involvement, the case against you starts to become extremely flimsy.

Elements of Crime Not Proven

Likewise, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt all elements of the offense charges. Some sex crimes require evidence of intent. If there is no evidence that you intended to commit the offense or knew that you were committing an offense, we have a decent shot at getting the case dropped.


Another common defense in Orlando sex crime cases is entrapment. The Orlando Police Department, or other law enforcement agencies, might pretend to be soliciting prostitution or leading someone on in a way that gets them to commit a crime. If you can demonstrate that you would not have committed a crime if not for the police’s coercion, this defense tactic can be effective.

Constitutional Violations

The U.S. Constitution guarantees criminal defendants certain rights. When evidence is obtained through constitutional violations, it must be suppressed. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unlawful searches and seizures of evidence. The police must adhere to strict protocol when collecting evidence and interviewing suspects, including reading their Miranda Rights. Failure to do so could be used by us to question the validity of the charges.

An experienced attorney could work to identify mitigating factors in your case and advocate for dismissal or reduction in charges, if appropriate. A successful defense strategy for sex crime charges requires the help of an Orlando lawyer who knows what angles the prosecution will likely take.

Consult an Orlando Attorney About Crafting a Sex Crime Defense Strategy

If you were accused of committing a sex crime in Florida, you should speak to our respected team about the details of your case. We defend residents of Central Florida against all types of sex offense charges. In a criminal case, the accused always has the right to an attorney and to present a defense. Sex offenses carry significant penalties, and whether or not you are ordered to register on a sex offender registry can impact your employment, personal relationships, and housing opportunities.

You need someone who will fight for your rights and develop the right strategy based on the details of your specific case. Contact our office and set up a free consultation to discuss your defense.

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    Sex Crime Defense Strategies in Orlando