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If you are a professional who has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony in Florida, you may be forced to contend with wide-ranging legal ramifications that go beyond any sentence you serve. Even an arrest or plea deal can threaten your career if you are a doctor, nurse, teacher, lawyer, pharmacist, accountant, or other licensed professional working in a regulated industry.

A criminal record could easily result in the relevant licensing board suspending or revoking your professional credentials. Whether you have been served with an administrative complaint by your licensing board or are facing disciplinary action for waiting too long to report a conviction or plea, you need to be proactive.

An Avalon Park professional license defense lawyer can help you fight back against criminal charges and advocate for you before the appropriate licensing board. A seasoned defense lawyer can identify weak spots in any criminal or administrative cases against you while seeking the most favorable resolution.

Possible Impact of an Arrest, Conviction, or Complaint on a Professional License

Arrests or criminal convictions can have long-term, adverse outcomes for professionals across many types of industries. Whether you are applying for a license or seeking to protect an existing one, transparency and experienced legal representation is vital when navigating these issues.

An arrest, conviction, or other disposition to a criminal case may trigger several steps that are required to mitigate disciplinary measures by your licensing board. For example, if you are licensed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), you need to notify this authority if you are convicted or enter a plea deal in a criminal case within 30 days.

Failure to Notify

Failure to notify the Florida DBPR by the required deadline can lead to suspension or revocation of your license, as well as fines and other disciplinary consequences. Other professional boards and regulatory bodies have even more stringent reporting requirements with much shorter deadlines. For example, if you are a teacher convicted of a crime, you must inform the state’s Department of Education within 48 hours.

Even if you report an arrest, conviction, or plea to the relevant authorities by the required deadline, any criminal case can put your license at risk. Allegations of fraud, negligence, misconduct, or malpractice that have nothing to do with a criminal case may also trigger an investigation.

If you hold a professional license and have been notified of a complaint against you, an investigation by the Florida DBPR, or any other action by a regulatory body governing your licensure, you need to contact an Avalon Park attorney to provide competent, unwavering legal representation.

Defending Your Professional License

If you are a licensed professional dealing with a complaint against your license, it is important to work with an Avalon Park attorney that can defend you against disciplinary action as well as potential criminal consequences.

A complaint may be filed by a person or entity with the Florida DBPR or the other relevant licensing authority. The authority will notify you about the complaint against your license and begin its investigation. This is a crucial period where your attorney can launch a separate investigation into the complaint and help you formally respond to the allegations against you.

A lawyer can also handle key procedural aspects such as speaking with witnesses, as well as collecting and filing the proper documentation. A panel from the licensing body will determine whether there is probable cause to continue forward with the case. This is another vital stage where a defense attorney can step in to assert your rights and argue for a dismissal.

What if the Case Moves Forward?

If the case goes ahead, your lawyer can represent you at all administrative hearings while serving as your legal advocate through any separate criminal proceedings. We can also cultivate the right strategy to defend your license before the administrative law judge who will submit a formal recommendation to the licensing body.

The agency may then decide to issue a formal reprimand, impose fines, or other disciplinary actions. In some cases, the licensing body may impose a suspension or revocation of the license. If your case does not lead to a favorable conclusion, we can help you issue a timely appeal for a new hearing.

Call an Avalon Park Attorney to Protect Your Professional License

If you are a licensed professional who has been arrested, charged, or convicted for any criminal act, you need an attorney that can actively work to safeguard your professional interests. A dedicated Avalon Park professional license defense lawyer can tailor a compelling strategy to the facts of the underlying case.

We have a wide-ranging background in defending clients against criminal prosecution and against the revocation of a professional license. Contact our firm today to receive your free, confidential consultation.

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