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Domestic violence charges in Florida are subject to strict sentences and include some mandatory minimums. A conviction for a domestic violence charge can have long-lasting repercussions for offenders. Beyond the criminal sanctions, you may risk the custody of your children, employment opportunities, and ability to obtain housing. When facing these consequences, you need an experienced Avalon Park domestic violence lawyer on your side.

We understand the local domestic violence laws and how to challenge the state’s evidence and protect your rights. Our qualified criminal defense attorneys know that there are situations where a simple disagreement can be misconstrued as violence or threats. We work diligently to present a defense that protects you and your future.

Common Defense Strategies to Domestic Violence Charges

Prosecutors must prove their case in order to secure a conviction. If certain evidence is lacking, this could be more difficult than it seems. There are several different approaches an Avalon Park attorney may take to protect defendants facing domestic violence charges. Among these approaches include the following:

  • File a motion to dismiss the case
  • File pretrial motions to limit or exclude potential evidence
  • Investigate the facts, interview witnesses, and challenge the state’s evidence
  • Demonstrate evidence of good character to show the event in question was an anomaly and that the defendant does not require formal charges

Domestic violence could include any number of more specific charges, including child abuse, child endangerment, harassment, stalking, battery, roommate violence, and spousal abuse. A skilled attorney could work hard to reduce the domestic violence charges or even get them dismissed altogether.

Protective Orders in Domestic Violence Cases

Protective orders often accompany domestic violence charges. These orders are not criminal in nature, and a judge may grant one on an emergency or temporary basis without the accused being present. These orders set the terms of conduct between the accused and the complainant. Common restrictions include preventing the accused from interacting with the complainant by requiring them to avoid contact, come within a certain distance, or otherwise harass that person for a set period of time. These orders may also require supervision if the defendant requests visitation with any children.

While a court may grant these orders outside the presence of the accused, they do have the opportunity to challenge the order or certain aspects of it. Anyone facing a protective order relating to domestic violence should speak with an Avalon Park lawyer and develop a strategy to challenge the ruling. However, until the court amends the order, anyone subject to a protective order should voluntarily comply with its terms. Failing to do so may lead to additional charges, detainment, and the risk of facing more severe punishment.

Contact an Avalon Park Domestic Violence Attorney for Skilled Representation

If the prosecution charged you with a domestic violence offense, you are likely searching for answers to understand your rights and legal options. Do not delay; speak to an Avalon Park domestic violence lawyer as quickly as possible. We will listen to your side and advise you of potential defense strategies. The Umansky Law Firm works to vigorously defend your rights while simultaneously looking for evidence that could reduce or dismiss the charges. This may involve assembling evidence of your good character and working to resolve the matter outside of the courtroom. Contact us today for your initial consultation.

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