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Avalon Park is in a state that has some of the most citizen-friendly gun laws in the nation. For many types of firearms, there are no restrictions on responsible use and ownership. However, certain classes of guns are illegal, and parties must obtain a permit to conceal-carry handguns. Many of these laws can be confusing. As a result, criminal charges can arise out of apparent illegal ownership or the possession of a firearm in a restricted area. In addition, many other types of criminal charges can become more severe due to the presence of a firearm at the scene.

Whether your criminal charges arise out of confusion over the state’s gun laws or are the result of supposedly using a firearm to assist in the commission of another crime, an Avalon Park gun lawyer may be able to help. A committed defense attorney could work with you to understand your goals, provide an analysis of the situation, and fight for the best possible result.

Laws that Impact the Legal Ownership and Use of Firearms

The law in Avalon Park presumes that an individual has the right to keep firearms. However, these rights are not without restrictions. For example, people wishing to conceal-carry in public must obtain a license under Florida Statute § 790.01. While the law operates on the assumption that a party will qualify for this permit, they must always carry it on their person or face allegations of illegal firearm possession.

Charges involving illegal possession may also arise from situations where a person allegedly brings a firearm into a restricted location. These can include law enforcement buildings, airports, courthouses, or any other government buildings. These charges are misdemeanors of the second degree, where a conviction can result in a jail term of up to 60 days and a fine of up to $500. An Avalon Park gun attorney could defend firearm owners against charges involving illegal possession. This includes showing that the defendant does not fit into a category of people who can never legally possess firearms or that they actually had a valid license in their name at the time of the arrest.

Firearms as Aggravating Factors in Other Criminal Charges

Even if a person legally owns a firearm and brings it to a non-restricted location, they may still face gun charges under the state’s criminal law. In many situations, this involves the presence of a firearm during the commission of a crime. For example, a simple assault is a misdemeanor-level offense, but using a gun during this crime raises the severity of the assault to a felony.

In addition, Fla. Stat. § 790.07 says that a separate criminal offense occurs in any case where a person commits a crime while holding a gun. it is a felony of the second degree to have a firearm in one’s possession while committing any other felony offense. This means that a conviction can result in up to 15 years in prison. A gun lawyer in Avalon Park could help develop a defense against accusations involving the illegal use of a firearm during the alleged commission of another crime. An attorney could debate a person’s presence at the scene of an event or call their supposed possession of a firearm into question.

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The right to bear arms is central to the rights of many Avalon Park residents. However, these rights are not unlimited, and the illegal use or possession of firearms may bring severe punishments. These can include the payment of fines, a loss of a conceal-carry license, or even imprisonment.

An Avalon Park gun lawyer might be able to help you to avoid these outcomes. Whether your case involves allegations of improper possession, bringing a gun into a restricted area, or the apparent use of a firearm in committing a separate crime, give us a call today to learn more from The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Attorneys.

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