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If the State of Florida charges you with a sex crime, it is important to immediately seek the advice of a skilled criminal defense attorney. The repercussions of a conviction are severe. In addition to a period of incarceration, offenders face numerous administrative consequences that may last the rest of their life. Only by speaking with defense counsel can you begin to gather evidence in your defense, see the strength of the state’s case against you, and make strategic decisions.

You do not want to face a state sex crime prosecution without competent defense counsel advising you through the entire process. Our Avalon Park sex crime lawyers take the time to explain the charges, your available options, and potential strategies to defend your freedom.

Potential Sex Crime Charges and Sentences

There are many different charges the prosecution may file in an Avalon Park sex crime case. What follows are some of the most frequently charged crimes:

  • Sexual assault, depending on the age of the victim, may constitute a capital felony, life felony, or a first-degree felony with a sentence of up to 30 years
  • Sexual abuse, depending on various factors, may result in a first- or second-degree felony with potential sentences of 30 and 15 years, respectively
  • Sexual battery by multiple offenders may elevate the offense one degree to a higher felony charge
  • Human trafficking, depending on the relationship between the offender and victim, will constitute either a first- or second-degree felony
  • Stalking, including cyber-stalking, is typically a misdemeanor. However, it can be increased to a third-degree felony if the offender has a prior or the victim is under 16

The potential for incarceration varies based on the offense charged by the prosecution. If the crime is a misdemeanor, the offender faces one year in jail, followed by a period of probation. A first-time offender facing only a misdemeanor charge may qualify for a diversion program. If the prosecution charges the offense as a felony, and there are certain other conditions present, the offender could face life in prison or up to a 30-year prison sentence. Upon release from custody after a felony conviction, there will almost certainly be a period of probation.

It is advisable for anyone facing sex-related charges to speak to an experienced Avalon Park attorney as soon as possible to begin constructing a defense.

Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction

For the purpose of describing the consequences an offender could face, the word “conviction” is used broadly and includes pleas of no contest. Generally, three types of penalties apply: incarceration, collateral requirements, and residency restrictions. It is imperative that individuals accused of a sex crime in Avalon Park speak with a lawyer to understand how these three may apply to their case.

Upon release from prison, Florida requires the individual to register as a sex offender with their local Sheriff’s office, and requires the Sheriff to publish a notice concerning the sex offender. Other registration requirements may include the forfeiting of internet access, as well as restrictions on exactly where the person may live and visit. Given these potential consequences, no one should attempt to defend themselves without legal counsel.

Contact an Avalon Park Sex Crimes Attorney to Mount Your Defense

The consequences of a sex crime conviction can upend your life permanently, especially if the punishment includes decades behind bars. Additionally, you may have to register as a sex offender, be limited in your internet access, and restricted to where you can live and travel. Do not try to negotiate with the prosecution or speak to the police without the advice of an Avalon Park Sex crimes lawyer. Contact The Umansky Law Firm today for your initial consultation.

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