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If you or your child faces misconduct proceedings from an institute of education, you should understand your rights and the best way to combat these charges. Any negative decision places a child’s education and future in jeopardy. To protect yourself or your child, immediately speak with an Avalon Park student defense lawyer.

Our compassionate defense attorneys understand the intricacies of these investigations, the various ways they can develop, and how to protect your rights throughout the entire process. We represent students in school disciplinary hearings and can also act as representation if criminal charges occur. No matter what consequences you or your child face, you deserve to have an experienced advocate on your side.

Navigating the Student Disciplinary Process

While each school, college, or university will formulate its own process and procedures for handling disciplinary matters with its students, they generally follow a standard process. A typical disciplinary proceeding occurs in the following stages:

  • A student files a complaint with the institution alleging some wrongdoing
  • The appropriate individuals review the complaint and may ask the accused to comment or respond
  • The relevant school body conducts an investigation
  • The school sets a formal hearing date
  • The complainant may testify
  • The accused can present evidence in their defense
  • The committee issues its decision and all parties notified
  • The accused may file an appeal if necessary
  • The school resolves the appeal and the matter closed

Any student facing these procedures has a lot at stake. An adverse determination may lead to negative marks on their academic record and, in extreme cases, expulsion from school and forfeiture of their tuition. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that an accused student’s future is in jeopardy. Anyone facing such charges needs the advice of a qualified Avalon Park student rights attorney.

Types of Student Disciplinary Matters

Disciplinary matters may arise in many different educational institutions, from elementary school and high school, to colleges and universities, or even trade school. No matter the setting, the consequences of disciplinary action on a student’s record could follow them for the rest of their life.

The charges may stem from a number of different rules or regulations, such as academic misconduct, personal misconduct, Title IX violations, and professional misconduct. The incident in question might even be a violation of state or federal law. Regardless of the institution or the particular allegations, anyone who is facing a hearing into their conduct at school needs an attorney with experience defending students before these boards of inquiry. While the proceedings are not legal in nature, going through the process without the advice of counsel would be a big mistake. Nobody should gamble on their future by appearing at a school hearing without counsel by their side.

In addition, an Avalon Park student defense lawyer could represent the individual in court if the violation is a criminal charge like assault, DUI, drug possession, fraud, or any number of sex crimes.

Contact an Avalon Park Student Defense Attorney to Discuss Your Future

If you or one of your family members faces a disciplinary hearing at their place of education, contact a skilled Avalon Park student defense lawyer today. We will explain your rights, make sure you understand the potential consequences, and formulate a strategy to resolve the matter with the least damage to your record.

We understand how these hearings work and know how to present your case in the most favorable light. It is terrifying to face these charges but you are not alone. Give yourself peace of mind knowing you have someone on your side to help you through this. Contact us today for a case evaluation.

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