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Florida’s landscapes, natural resources, and wildlife continue to draw individuals and businesses around the world. Strict federal and state regulations exist to preserve this fragile ecosystem while ensuring that residents are safe from environmental hazards.

If you or your business are facing criminal charges for alleged violations of environmental laws, you need a legal defense from a criminal attorney who is experienced in these cases from the earliest stages of these proceedings. An Avalon Park environmental crimes lawyer can explain the potential penalties you are facing and develop the most effective strategy to reduce or eliminate the case against you.

Common Environmental Crimes

Environmental crimes are prosecuted harshly under Florida law. Whether as an individual or business owner, any allegation, investigation, or charge for an alleged environmental crime requires an equally vigilant defense. An environmental crimes attorney has the knowledge and experience to fight for your best interests in Avalon Park while working to mitigate the criminal, professional, and personal consequences that a conviction would bring.

There are a variety of environmental crimes that a person or business could be charged with, including those at both large and smaller scales that have the potential to impact animals, land, and people. Examples include unauthorized clearing of land without the necessary permits, failure to report spills of hazardous substances, and unlawful transportation of toxic waste.

The release of pollutants into the air, water, or soil, the improper storage of hazardous materials, unlawful disposal of waste materials, and illegal fishing or poaching can also lead to harsh legal consequences. Even violations that seemingly occur on a smaller scale, such as prohibited garage burning, the misuse of pesticides, or illegal dumping or littering could leave you open to environmental charges.

Legal Consequences to Environmental Crimes

If you or your business are being investigated for an environmental offense, or if you are charged with one, your next call should be to an Avalon Park attorney who can launch an aggressive defense. An investigation for an alleged environmental crime could lead to charges on the state or federal level.

Charges for environmental crimes may also coincide with other criminal investigations for alleged offenses such as money laundering, conspiracy, or other white collar crimes. The penalties for environmental crimes will depend on multiple factors including the nature of the alleged offense, the extent of the crime and the impact to the environment, as well as any prior offenses.

Penalties can include substantial fines, probation, and even lengthy periods of incarceration. Restitution, civil penalties, the loss of permits and business licenses, and reputational damage are also possible outcomes in these situations.

The Right Defense From an Attorney

An attorney can step in to protect your rights and interests. The right defense will depend on the details underpinning a specific environmental charge. Possible defenses could include lack of intent or lack of evidence. If you had the authorization or consent of the authorities or property owner to engage in a certain action, such as dumping waste, these elements could be used to disprove the case against you.

If you can demonstrate that you are following certain environmental regulations, permits, or requirements, this can undermine a criminal prosecution. Constitutional violations, procedural errors, or challenges to certain evidence brought by the prosecution may also be integral aspects that we can use in your defense strategy.

Reach Out to an Avalon Park Environmental Crimes Attorney

Environmental crimes can encompass a wide range of illegal actions that threaten the health of humans, animals, plants, soil, and minerals across the state. If you are accused of violating laws that protect Florida’s environment, you could face serious legal consequences. Not only your personal freedom, but long-term professional endeavors, are likely at stake. The cumulative effect of the penalties for environmental crimes could be devastating for individuals and businesses alike.

An Avalon Park environmental crimes lawyer can help you navigate this challenging legal landscape and provide a committed defense. An attorney can leverage extensive resources to pursue the best possible outcome to your case, whether that involves negotiating a plea deal, getting your charge dismissed, or bringing trial experience to fight for your rights in court.

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