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It is a common belief that a criminal record will forever follow a convicted individual. Indeed, in many states around the country, this is true. Even a conviction for a minor misdemeanor or a traffic offense will be included in all background checks and court records. However, under certain circumstances, Florida courts may expunge an arrest. This is possible when the case does not end with a conviction or a prosecutor later drops the charges.

A Winter Garden expungement lawyer understands the crippling effect that a criminal arrest can have on a person’s life. They are dedicated to helping clients understand the state’s criminal record expungement laws and help them with the process of getting a fresh start in life. Contact The Umansky Law Firm today for legal counsel from an experienced defense attorney.

The Types of Charges that Qualify for Expungement

The rules for sealing a person’s criminal record in Winter Garden are strict. According to Florida Statute § 943.0585, any person with criminal charges is ineligible for an expungement. This means that only events that involved an arrest but did not result in a conviction may be removed from an individual’s record. With this in mind, however, certain criminal offenses will never be eligible for an expungement. These include:

Unfortunately, these marks will forever remain on a person’s record. For all other offenses, if the case ended with a verdict of not guilty, a prosecutor’s dropping of the charges, or a decision to not pursue a case in court, these instances could be eligible for removal. With the help of an experienced Winter Garden expungement attorney, individuals could start over with a clean slate.

The Expungement Process

Fla. Stat. § 943.0585 provides the legal framework by which a defendant can apply for an expungement. Petitioners begin the process by completing a request for a certificate of eligibility from law enforcement. This certificate makes it known that the applicant meets the required criteria. Once a person obtains this, they can apply for a hearing from the criminal court concerning the expungement. They must include a copy of the certificate and a sworn statement that they are eligible to the best of their knowledge.

Petitioners should be prepared to explain why they believe their records should be cleared. In addition, it may be necessary to defend the request against an objection from law enforcement or the prosecutor’s office. A tenacious Winter Garden attorney could help individuals file their petitions and argue in court why the judge should grant the request for expungement.

A Winter Garden Expungement Attorney Could Help You to Get a Fresh Start

A criminal conviction is not something that an individual is likely to forget. Whether it results in a period of probation or even a jail sentence, this is sure to be a life-changing event. However, state law allows many parties who are accused of crimes to have their criminal record wiped clean. This can enable them to apply for jobs or housing without fear of a past mistake preventing their success.

A dedicated Winter Garden expungement lawyer could help you understand how the expungement process works, determine if you qualify under the State’s program, and pursue a sealing of your criminal record in court. Contact The Umansky Law Firm today to discuss your goals.

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