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Making mistakes is an essential part of growing up and gaining maturity. When the error is a crime, however, a young person’s future could be on the line. Responding aggressively is critical.

A Winter Garden college student defense lawyer understands that they are not just defending a criminal charge but preserving a future. A criminal conviction could disrupt a student’s education and prevent them from entering certain occupations or holding some professional licenses. The mistake could have a lifelong impact.

If you are a student facing criminal charges, or the parent of one, reach out today for effective legal representation. Do not try to manage criminal charges without the guidance of an experienced defense attorney.

Criminal Charges Students Commonly Face

Certain activities go hand in hand with being a young adult who perhaps is free from parental supervision for the first time. College students sometimes assert their independence by engaging in risky activities, including misusing drugs and alcohol. When a young person is impaired, they often make poor decisions. Some of the charges a trusted Winter Garden student attorney commonly defends against include:

In many cases, prosecutors prefer to resolve a criminal matter without a trial, especially if the student has no prior criminal record. Depending on the circumstances, this could mean dismissing the charge, reducing it to a non-criminal infraction, or recommending the student for a diversion program.

Diversion Programs Available

Diversion programs allow someone charged with certain offenses to participate in education or rehabilitation before they go to trial. If they complete the program, the prosecutor typically dismisses the charges.

These programs are an excellent solution for eligible college students. They provide life skills to help them manage vulnerabilities like addiction, mental health challenges, impulse control, and anger management. Completing these programs is challenging, but doing so offers students a sense of pride and prepares them for their future.

Orange County has diversion programs open to people charged with drug and alcohol offenses, battery, theft, and other crimes. A knowledgeable Winter Garden attorney could work with prosecutors to enroll a student in an appropriate diversion program and preserve their clean record.

Representing Students in Disciplinary Proceedings

A college student who is arrested or charged with a crime typically faces two courts—the criminal court and their school’s disciplinary body. A Winter Garden attorney could ensure the student receives capable representation and defense in both arenas.

Schools determine their disciplinary procedures, and students have limited rights to due process. Some colleges and universities do not allow students to have attorneys with them during a disciplinary hearing. In that case, a legal professional could compile evidence, help a student prepare a written statement, and ensure the student is well-prepared to face the disciplinary board.

Disciplinary proceedings can result in suspension, expulsion, eviction from dormitories, no-contact orders, and other severe consequences. A problematic disciplinary record could prevent a student from gaining admission to graduate school. Ensuring students have sound legal advice throughout the disciplinary process could preserve their opportunities.

Enlist the Help of a Winter Garden Attorney to Handle Your College Student’s Defense

If your college student is in trouble with the police, protect their future by placing their case in the hands of a seasoned attorney. Criminal charges have collateral consequences, and it takes experience to provide excellent representation that preserves a student’s prospects.

A Winter Garden college student defense lawyer could manage the criminal allegations and school disciplinary proceedings with thought for your child’s future. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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