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Among the most serious activities that a person could be accused of are sex crimes. The mere allegation that you have committed these acts can forever change your life. Furthermore, there are major consequences for a conviction, which can include prison time and potential registry on a sex offender list.

A Winter Garden sex crimes lawyer is dedicated to defending people who are accused of any type of sex-based crime. Our trustworthy criminal defense attorneys strongly believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves and we work to protect you in both the courtroom and in society as a whole. This could help to protect your immediate future and long-term prospects.

Examples of Sex Crimes in Winter Garden?

There are many types of actions that are considered sex crimes under state law. Some prominent felony examples include:

  • Sexual battery is defined under Florida Statute § 794.011 as when there is the penetration of another’s mouth, anus, or vagina by another person. If this activity occurs without the subject’s consent, this is a serious felony under state law. The most serious examples involve sexual battery against a child under the age of 12, which is a capital felony. Other examples are also felonies when the incident does not involve the use of violence or if the alleged victim is not a child.
  • Statutory rape is defined in Stat. § 794.05 as when a person over the age of 24 has sexual interactions with someone between the ages of 16 and 17, regardless of the circumstances or the child’s consent. These offenses are felonies of the second degree. This means that a conviction can bring a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

A Winter Garden sex crimes attorney is prepared to provide a potent defense against all examples of felony sex crimes.

Sex Crimes Could Qualify as Misdemeanors Under State Law

While all allegations of illegal sexual activity are serious matters, not all will rise to the level of a felony. Even so, convictions in these situations can still create a criminal record and require a person to serve up to one year in jail. Prominent examples of misdemeanor-level sex crimes include:

These cases require just as much attention as those that fall under the category of felonies. Even a simple arrest can convince a court to implement a restraining order that requires a stop to all contact between parties. Convictions can make these orders permanent. A Winter Garden sex crimes lawyer is ready to argue against prosecutors’ evidence in misdemeanor cases and push for an innocent verdict or dismissal.

Reach Out to a Winter Garden Sex Crimes Attorney Immediately

Whenever a person is facing any kind of charge related to a sex crime, they need to take the most proactive actions possible to protect themselves. For even the least serious of these charges, there is a possibility of a jail sentence, stiff fines, and a criminal record. The more concerning charges will require a long prison sentence upon conviction, not to mention the social stigma that can affect your family, your housing, and your job. The stakes could not be higher.

A Winter Garden sex crimes lawyer represents individuals in the area’s criminal courts to protect their freedom and defend their reputation in the community. Contact the Umansky Law Firm today to learn how we are prepared to handle your case with both compassion and commitment.

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