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Fraud is the term used to describe obtaining money or other valuable property from someone else through the use of deception. While fraud can come in many different forms, it is generally motivated by financial gain. The state aggressively prosecutes allegations of fraud, to the point that their efforts can lead to false allegations or unfair prosecution.

If you are facing criminal charges of fraud, you have the right to hire a seasoned criminal defense attorney to defend you. Strong legal counsel could review the case against you and help you understand your options. With the help of a Winter Garden fraud lawyer, you could potentially beat these charges and avoid serious criminal consequences.

What is Fraud?

The term “fraud” applies to a very specific type of criminal activity. While there are many ways for fraud to occur, a conviction under state law requires proof of the following elements about the accused:

  • They made a false statement
  • They knew the statement was false
  • The falsehood resulted in an injury to someone
  • The accused had an intent to deceive
  • The alleged victim relied on that statement

When dealing with fraud cases, it is crucial to take various important factors into account. Every fraud case is based on a false statement. However, not every false statement results in a viable fraud claim. To be convicted of fraud, a person must cause harm by intentionally making a false or misleading statement. The injured party must have relied on that statement and experienced some sort of loss as a result.

To obtain a conviction, the prosecution must make the case for each of these elements beyond a reasonable doubt. If the state prosecutor cannot do so, the accused should be acquitted. A Winter Garden attorney could help raise reasonable doubt in a fraud case.

Types of Fraud Cases

Fraud can happen under a wide range of settings, from credit card purchases to real estate transactions. Any situation where a false or misleading statement could result in a person suffering financial harm could serve as the basis for a fraud charge. A Winter Garden fraud lawyer could help build a defense in the following types of cases, among others:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Tax fraud

Each of these cases carries serious consequences, but only upon conviction. The right defense attorney could fight fraud charges and potentially help a defendant avoid a conviction at trial.

Defenses to Fraud Allegations

Like any criminal case, there are potentially viable defenses to allegations of fraud. Each case is different and not every defense strategy will work in a given case. Some common defense strategies include the lack of intent, lack of evidence, the violation of constitutional rights, a lack of a false material statement, duress, or entrapment.

One of the crucial ways an attorney could assist with fraud is by reviewing the facts and selecting the right defense approach. The right defense strategy can make or break a case, so it is important to find someone who is highly experienced in fraud charges.

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If you face allegations of fraud, you should never assume your conviction is a foregone conclusion. You have the right to mount a defense and the right attorney could help you build the strongest defense strategy possible.

Never take the risk of acting as your own attorney, as the pitfalls in fraud cases could cost you. Reach out to a Winter Garden fraud lawyer from The Umansky Law Firm to learn more about your defense options.

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