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Sometimes, arguments can get heated. One partner may raise allegations of abuse against the other partner. A domestic violence injunction, known as a restraining order in other states, allows domestic violence victims to request protection from the court. A domestic violence injunction is a court order that prohibits or restricts a person’s ability to contact another person, among other actions. The injunction for protection gives victims emergency protection from their abusers. Though this is a civil matter, violating an injunction is a criminal offense.

A significant domestic violence incident must take place for the victim (petitioner) to file a petition for an order of protection. Domestic violence is an act of aggression between family or household members. There does not need to be a history of abuse for a person to be charged with domestic violence in Florida. After the petitioner files a petition for a domestic violence injunction, a hearing is held in which the accused, known as the “respondent,”  may present his case in front of a judge. At this hearing, the judge listens to the testimony and reviews all evidence to determine whether to grant a permanent injunction against the respondent.

If you are the subject of an order for protection, Orlando domestic violence injunction attorneys at the Umansky Law Firm strongly recommend you obtain legal representation prior to the hearing. Having an injunction against you will have immediate and long-term consequences you may be able to avoid with a competent defense.

Immediate Consequences of a Domestic Violence Injunction

If you are the subject of a temporary restraining order, you may face immediate and long-term consequences that can last indefinitely should the judge approve a permanent injunction. These consequences can significantly interfere with your life. Should you violate any of the terms, you can face criminal charges.

  • You must leave the residence that you share with the petitioner
  • You may not be within 500 feet of the petitioner’s home, workplace, school, or any place he or she frequents
  • You may not come within 100 feet of the petitioner’s vehicle
  • You might lose custody of your child
  • You might be prevented from seeing your children without a supervisor
  • You might not be allowed to communicate with the petitioner

Having an injunction against you can create barriers to child custody, employment, and more. The injunction will appear on your criminal background check whenever you apply for a new job or place to live. Additionally, those with an injunction against them may not purchase nor own firearms in Florida. A violation of a restraining order is a first-degree misdemeanor offense that can lead to steep fines and up to one year of incarceration.

How an Orlando Restraining Order Lawyer Can Help

An experienced Orlando domestic violence injunction lawyer can take several steps to help you present a strong case in court. Some of these actions may include:

  • Requesting and obtaining more time to prepare for the final hearing
  • Taking depositions and obtaining witnesses who can provide testimony in your favor
  • Discrediting witnesses and finding inconsistencies in their stories
  • Thoroughly cross-examining witnesses in court

An attorney may even be able to have the petition itself dismissed.

Get Help with a Domestic Violence Injunction from an Orlando Attorney

At the Umansky Law Firm, we have over 100 years of combined experience defending domestic violence charges. As a prosecutor, Bill Umansky was the head of the domestic violence unit. He was responsible for investigating, charging, and prosecuting a wide range of domestic violence and related cases. He also trained police officers and victims’ advocates. We understand all aspects of domestic violence at our firm and use this knowledge to protect your rights.

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