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There are many situations which may cause someone to run away from home. They might be in a difficult family situation, or they may have just suffered a great loss and feel incapable of dealing with it. However, for children and teenagers running away from home is illegal. An Orlando juvenile runaway lawyer can help.

Why Children Run Away

The greatest reason that many people run away from home is because they do not feel protected. An abusive parent, or abusive parents, might be responsible for inflicting emotional and physical pain on a child. Once they reach their teens, they believe they are old enough to run away. Instead, they must go to someone for help. Teens think that lawyers are against them, but that is simply not true.

How a Juvenile Lawyer Can Help

juvenile defense lawyers can help your child if they have done something wrong. Because, believe it or not, there are legal consequences for running away. A child’s parents can speak to the police and/or lawyers and have them put in a boot camp for children, as they will claim the child “misbehaving” and need to be taught a lesson. So be careful when thinking are running away; do not want to cause even more pain and suffering.

On the flip side, if a child is the one who needs defending from a criminal, an attorney from a law firm that handles juvenile cases can help them with that as well. Here in Orlando, Florida, many attorneys specialize in helping children in difficult situations. This way, they will not think that they are alone and that they have to run away from their lives in order to be protected.

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When someone runs away, they are not just running away from the problem. They are also running away from the good aspects of their life. Friends, family, teachers, peers and mentors who were part of their old life but will not be able to help them anymore. If you have a child who has runaway please call us today.

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