Zimmerman Arrested Again

Zimmerman Arrested Again

George Zimmerman was arrested Monday, 11/16, on his second domestic violence charge in the past three months at the home of his girlfriend. The previous charge in August had been against his wife, and he was released. Law enforcement arrested Zimmerman, and he spent last night in the Seminole County jail with no bond. He goes to court Tuesday, 11/17, at 1:30 pm.

Zimmerman was placed in a single cell for his own protection, but it must have been a long night for him. Early this afternoon, the judge will decide if there is enough evidence for him to remain in custody or if he should be released on bail.

Deputies have received two conflicting reports on the activities that Monday, typical for a domestic violence case, but Zimmerman’s story involves several inconsistencies that may difficult for him to explain.

His new girlfriend, 27 year old Samantha Scheibe was renting the house in Topfield Court near Apopka where the incident occurred on Monday.

Both Scheibe and Zimmerman reported to law enforcement that they owned firearms, but this is the only thing they agree on. They both made calls to 911 to report the argument, but Scheibe actually called during the altercation, and Zimmerman called after he had allegedly pushed his girlfriend outside and had barricaded himself inside. Officers were already on the premises; they obtained the key and forced their way in, stated Seminole County Chief Deputy Dennis Lemma.

In the 911 call from Zimmerman, he told the operator that Scheibe was pregnant and wanted to raise the child alone. Zimmerman allegedly said he was leaving and began packing his bags, including his bag with his guns. He said she “went crazy on him”, breaking the glass top table as she was throwing things at him.

Scheibe made her call to 911 during the confrontation, and both during and after he kicked her out of her apartment. She was talking to the 911 as Zimmerman was throwing items around the apartment, as he broke the glass top table with the gun in his hand, according to the call. Sheibe told officers that there were more firearms in the bag. Zimmerman had lived with Scheibe since August of 2013.

Zimmerman Arrested Again