Out of Town Sexual Predator Arrested In Orlando

Out of Town Sexual Predator Arrested In Orlando

Out of Town Sexual Predator Arrested In Orlando

A woman on a business trip to Orlando was sexually assaulted by a man described by authorities as a “violent sexual predator from Illinois.” He was arrested shortly after the woman was able to escape and run to a hotel, where she contacted authorities.

Joseph Thomas Paul Moore, 31, was arrested November 27th after positive identification by the victim. According to the arrest report, Moore is charged with two counts of sexual battery, attempted sexual battery, false imprisonment, kidnapping and aggravated battery. He was denied bail on two of the six charges.

sexual predator arrested in orlando

Sexual Assault on Tourist

The assault happened in the early morning hours of the 27th. The woman, in town on business, was walking back to her hotel near Universal Boulevard from the Brickhouse Tavern on International Drive, back to the Hilton where she was staying. She stopped to talk to three people,including a couple walking a dog.

The couple left, but other individual stayed and told her that he knew a “shortcut” to her hotel. She immediately felt uncomfortable with him, but wasn’t able to get away. Moore then dragged her off to a field in the 5900 block of Lakehurst Drive, then immediately began punching her in the face, knocking her to the ground. He continued battering her and then began his sexual assault.

He also took her cellphone and destroyed it, then stripped her clothes off and continued to batter her. She was able to bite Moore in the groin area, drawing blood, but it didn’t stop him. When he stood up, the woman escaped while Moore chased her. She out-ran Moore and made it to to The Point Orlando Resort, where she asked for help. She is now in a local hospital recovering and working with investigators.

Moore was arrested in the same field where the assault took place. The field is remote, police said, and a known area for camping transients.  

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer In Orlando

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Out of Town Sexual Predator Arrested In Orlando