Orlando Involuntary Manslaughter Attorney

Orlando Involuntary Manslaughter Attorney

Orlando Involuntary Manslaughter Attorney

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Florida prosecutors will charge an individual with involuntary manslaughter in one of two circumstances: the homicide does not meet the legal standard for murder or if an individual used excessive force in self-defense or defense of another. Those charged with this crime aren’t those who intentionally killed someone. Instead, involuntary manslaughter charges are reserved for those whose reckless behavior resulted in someone’s death (ex. carelessly handling a chainsaw, driving on the wrong side of the road, etc.).

If you or someone you know is facing felony charges for involuntary manslaughter, speak to a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. The Orlando involuntary manslaughter defense attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm are here to provide you with the legal representation needed to combat your case. We understand that you had no intentions of taking someone’s life and that your actions may have been purely incidental, but it’s crucial that we deal with the matter at hand. 

Our team will carefully review your case, inform you of the most viable defense options, and protect your best interests throughout the trial process.

Penalties for Involuntary Manslaughter in Florida

Involuntary manslaughter is a second-degree felony in Florida punishable by:

  • Up to 15 years in prison
  • Up to 15 years of probation
  • Up to $10,000 in fines

The State will also consider your criminal history and whether or not you’re a habitual violent offender to help determine if you should face further punishment. If the manslaughter was of an elderly person or a child, you can be charged with aggravated manslaughter which is a first-degree felony punishable by:

  • Up to 30 years in prison
  • Up to 30 years probation
  • Up to $10,000 in fines

In either case, you have legal defenses to present to have charges lessened or even dismissed altogether if possible.

Florida Defenses for Involuntary Manslaughter

Our role as your legal defense team is to review the available defenses to your charges and apply the one with the greatest potential of relieving you from criminal prosecution. In an involuntary manslaughter case, there are three primary defenses one can assert refuting charges:

  • Self-Defense: Your use of deadly force was purely in defense of your person. Florida Stand Your Ground laws also allow individuals to use deadly force free of their duty to retreat.
  • Excusable Homicide: Florida law excuses the killing of someone in the following three circumstances:
      • The killing occurred on accident while the individual was engaged in a lawful act with due caution and without malicious intent.
      • The killing occurred on accident in the heat of passion resulting from sudden and sufficient provocation.
      • The killing occurred on accident from a sudden combat, without the use of a dangerous weapon and not in a cruel or unusual manner.
  • Justifiable Homicide: Your use of deadly force resulted from someone attempting to kill or commit a felony against you

Contact an Orlando Involuntary Manslaughter Lawyer

The Orlando involuntary manslaughter defense attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm have over 100 years of combined experience and time spent as state and local prosecutors. We are death penalty certified lawyers and have a thorough understanding of how the State will seek a conviction for the charges at hand. We can use that to help settle your legal matter on the most favorable terms. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Orlando Involuntary Manslaughter Attorney