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When most people think about catastrophic injuries that may affect their lives after accidents, they tend to imagine broken bones, separated joints, or even concussions. However, just as serious are events that result in burns which can occur after exposure to flame or intense heat. In addition, they may result from substantial friction, exposure to harsh chemicals, or even uncontrolled radiation.

People and companies who cause your burns are liable under the law to provide compensation for your losses. Still, obtaining these payments can be difficult since defendants can deny liability or contest the extent of your damages. A Winter Garden burn injury lawyer can explore the cause of a burn, link that injury to another person’s negligence, and demand proper payments through insurance settlements and lawsuits.

How Negligence Can Lead to Burns

A variety of dangerous situations may expose people to dangers that result in burns. The most obvious is direct exposure to flames or heat, which can lead to third-degree burns and can be the result of a variety of scenarios involving flammable substances.

Perhaps the most common are car, truck, or motorcycle crashes. In these incidents, oil or gasoline could catch on fire, resulting in harsh burns for people trapped inside or under vehicles. A driver who is to blame for a collision should be held responsible for all resulting injuries, including burns.

Burns may also be the result of a property owner’s failure to keep guests safe. If a business owner fails to implement proper sprinkler systems or fire escapes, a person who suffers burns in a spontaneous fire could potentially hold that property owner liable for the suffering they endured and the medical bills that resulted.

No matter the exact cause of a burn injury, the law gives people a limited time to act. Under Florida Statute § 95.11, most people have two years after an injury to demand compensation. With many of these cases being complex and time-consuming, a Winter Garden burn injury attorney is ready to consult with an injured party as soon as possible.

Demanding Fair Compensation for the Victims of Burns

A core concept under state law says that people who cause others to suffer injuries must provide full compensation to cover the resulting losses. Burns are no exception to this rule. Proving how a burn has impacted a person’s life is just as important as being able to connect someone’s actions to the event.

The most obvious impact of a burn is the resulting physical injury. Many burns are superficial injuries that will mostly heal on their own but may leave a person with scars and inflict significant pain. Others are permanent injuries that may require extensive surgeries or even amputations to allow a victim to make their best recovery.

Burns also have the potential to affect a person’s life in other ways, such as the emotional trauma that often accompanies these injuries and the financial harm that they cause. A burn injury lawyer is dedicated to evaluating how a burn has changed a Winter Garden victim’s life and demanding proper payments from at-fault defendants.

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Whether it is a traffic collision, a building fire, or exposure to toxic chemicals, burn accidents could happen almost anywhere. If another person had an obligation to keep you safe and failed to do so, they should be held accountable.

A Winter Garden burn injury lawyer is ready to prove these concepts and pursue the payments you deserve. To schedule a free consultation and discuss the incident that led to your burns, speak with The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Lawyers now.

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