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Personal injuries can happen because of a variety of situations and can impact a person’s life in numerous ways. Among the most serious examples of these incidents are those that occur while riding a motorcycle. Even at low speeds, crashes involving other vehicles can result in life-altering injuries that affect not just a rider’s physical health but also their ability to earn a living and enjoy their lives. Despite these facts, an injured motorcyclist cannot collect compensation for their losses unless they are able to show that another driver was to blame for the accident. This means proving that another driver’s negligence was the source of the incident.

A Winter Garden motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you prove this concept to insurance companies or while in court. A reliable personal injury attorney could gather evidence, explain the relevant laws, determine how the incident has changed your life, and seek out the proper payments that you need to set things right.

Proving That Another Motorist Was to Blame for a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents can have a profound and permanent impact on a person’s life. However, they can only collect the compensation that they deserve if they are able to show that another person was responsible for the crash. This usually involves demonstrating negligence.

Negligence is a legal concept that says that certain people are responsible for the damage that they cause through an accident. Traffic incidents are a classic example. Drivers must operate their vehicles in a way that does not unnecessarily endanger the welfare of others. This concept even extends to bikers.

A Winter Garden motorcycle accident attorney could closely examine a situation to prove that another driver was negligent and responsible for a collision. This can include acquiring dashcam footage, police reports, witness statements, and photos or videos of the location of the crash.

Helping Injured Bikers Receive Fair Compensation

The law in Florida is clear in requiring at-fault drivers provide full compensation to injured victims. The burden lies on those injured individuals to demonstrate the extent of their losses. Another way in which a motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help someone in Winter Garden is by proving how the event has changed a person’s life. Compensation in accidents generally falls into one of three categories:

  • Physical injury payments- This compensation covers the costs of all necessary past, present, and future medical care.
  • Emotion trauma compensation- Many bikers find that they are experiencing flashbacks, nightmares, or other forms of mental health trauma connected to the incident. While difficult to measure, these are compensable losses.
  • Financial reimbursement- Motorcycle accidents are severe incidents that can affect a person’s ability to return to work. An attorney could measure the wages that an individual has lost and demand the defendants provide compensation.

A motorbike accident attorney could act quickly to measure these losses and demand compensation. This is necessary because of the state’s law concerning time limits on personal injury cases. According to Florida Statute § 95.11, people may have as little as two years from the date of an incident to seek out payments for their losses.

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People who have suffered injuries in motorcycle accidents need to act quickly to protect their legal rights. While it is true that at-fault drivers must provide full compensation to all affected parties, the burden lies on you to prove this fault and how the incident impacted your life. In addition, state law gives you a limited time to act.

A Winter Garden motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you to demonstrate these concepts within the allotted time limit. They can take every necessary step to investigate the crash, measure your losses, and demand appropriate compensation. Contact our legal team now to learn more.

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