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The spinal cord is one of the essential human organs. This bundle of nerves carries electrical signals from the brain to every other part of the body and any disruption to these signals can result in a loss of function in these areas, up to and including paralysis. It is difficult to understate the effects that these events will have on a person’s life. You may require constant medical care, be left unable to work, and be dependent upon others for your day-to-day functions. If another person or company was the cause of the incident that resulted in these injuries, they are liable to provide compensation.

A Winter Garden spinal cord injury lawyer could help you prove another party’s fault for an accident or attack that resulted in these severe losses. A diligent catastrophic injury attorney could attempt to prove liability for an injury and demonstrate the extent of compensation necessary to set things right.

Possible Sources of Spinal Cord Injuries and Proving Liability

Spinal cord injuries are possible whenever the back or spine comes under direct stress or strain. Direct impacts from truck accidents, slips and falls, or assaults can result in injuries to this vital organ. However, twisting motions or a pulling on the ligaments that connect the backbones can also leave the cord vulnerable to damage.

Proving that another party’s actions were the source of these injuries is an essential part of any demand for compensation so that an injured person does not have to use their own money to pay for someone else’s negligence. A Winter Garden spinal cord injury attorney could gather the evidence necessary to pursue cases centered around:

Using this information, an attorney could put together a case that proves another party must provide compensation for a victim’s losses.

Seeking Out Fair Compensation

Demonstrating fault for an incident that resulted in a spinal cord injury is only one part of a comprehensive case. It is just as essential to be able to show how the injury has changed one’s life and to demand a precise dollar amount that is necessary to set things right.

A spinal cord injury lawyer in Winter Garden could take the lead in gathering medical bills and records, talking with economists to estimate lost future income, and evaluating how the injury has changed a person’s quality of life.

An attorney is also useful so that the plaintiff can meet the time limits associated with the case. Under Florida Statute § 95.11, most injured people have only two years from the date of the incident to demand payments. This may be shorter or longer depending upon an individual’s exact circumstances but hiring a lawyer helps to ensure compliance with this vital legal concept.

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Spinal cord injuries carry the potential to change every part of your life. Any damage to this part of the body is likely to impact your overall health and ability to control your bodily functions, leading to chronic pain, numbness, or even paralysis.

If another party was responsible for the incident that resulted in your losses, they are liable for providing appropriate compensation. A Winter Garden spinal cord injury lawyer could help you to demand these payments. The team at The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Attorneys will listen to your concerns, explain the laws that control your case, gather evidence, measure your losses, and demand fair payments in and out of court. Give our experienced team a call today to learn more.

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