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Paralysis is, sadly, a common consequence of many accidents and intentional acts of violence. An event that results in direct damage to the affected body part may cause you to lose control over an extremity. Even more concerning are injuries that affect the spinal cord or brain, with the brain’s electrical signals being unable to move to the rest of the body, resulting in partial or total paralysis.

Whenever these symptoms were the result of a failure on the part of another person to keep you safe, you can seek out compensation for your losses with the guidance of a reliable catastrophic injury attorney. A Winter Garden paralysis injury lawyer knows how to measure all of your losses to hold the liable party to account.

Accidents That Lead to Paralysis

Paralysis results from a loss of neural communication between affected body parts and the central nervous system. Sadly, this damage can occur under a variety of circumstances, often without a chance to protect oneself. Any incident that can result in trauma to a person’s body has the potential to result in paralysis. Typical examples include:

A Winter Garden attorney examines the incident in question and identifies evidence that proves how another individual or entity was responsible for the paralysis.

Demonstrating How Paralysis Has Impacted a Person’s Life

There is no doubt that an incident that results in paralysis will change every part of an individual’s life. Even so, the law in Florida says that affected people bear the burden of showing this extent and connecting those losses to the actions of liable parties. In addition, Florida Statute § 95.11 says that people have no more than two years to file a claim for damages.

Regardless of the source of the injury, all paralysis cases will revolve around the costs of the necessary medical care. This includes past care that they received after the incident and the estimated costs for future rehabilitation. In addition, victims can seek out payments for the reductions in their quality of life due to the injuries. This can include pain, suffering, and other emotional traumas. Finally, most individuals can demand compensation for missing wages due to being unable to return to work.

A paralysis injury lawyer in Winter Garden speaks with the plaintiff and their family in order to measure how an incident has changed a person’s life, and then connect those changes to the defendant’s failure to keep them safe. With the time limits that apply to these cases, the sooner a person contacts an attorney, the better chance they have for a successful outcome.

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Incidents that result in paralysis are among the most severe examples of personal injury cases. If you were left severely disabled and unable to earn a living, getting compensation through the legal system may be the only way you can return to some level of normalcy. It is best to approach these cases with an understanding of the law and with the confidence needed to demand appropriate compensation.

A Winter Garden paralysis injury lawyer could help you to prove your case by performing a full investigation into the incident and holding at-fault defendants liable for their actions. They can also seek out full compensation for your past losses and estimate a dollar figure that will help to stabilize your life moving forward. There is a limited time under the law to pursue these cases. Reach out to The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

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