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Motor vehicle collisions can occur for a variety of reasons. While sometimes another driver explicitly ignores traffic signs or drives drunk, it is also common for inclement weather to play a part. Although no one is responsible for the existence of weather conditions, a person can still be held liable. If you are unsure of your legal prospects, call a Winter Garden bad weather car accident lawyer for help in analyzing your chance of success.

How Does Weather Affect Driving?

Roads that have standing water from rainfall or a layer of snow can create conditions for drivers to slip or spin out, especially if they are trying to brake quickly. In particular, black ice can be deceptive and many drivers might not realize that there is danger. Furthermore, excessive fog can severely limit a driver’s range of vision, which is why they must have their lights on during low-visibility scenarios. Even high wind speeds can be a factor in a car crash, which is why all motorists in Winter Garden must adjust their vehicle operation during bad weather.

Rainfall in Central Florida Affects Road Conditions

After a major rainfall or flooding situation, cars could end up hydroplaning, skidding, and sliding. This often results in rear-end collisions, front-end crashes with a driver in the opposite lane, or even deadly rollover crashes as the vehicle skids off the road.

Central Florida deals with afternoon thunderstorms nearly every summer every day, and the drivers on the road have an obligation to drive in a prudent manner that any reasonable person would do. The speed limit may be 70 miles an hour, but that is only for safe and clear conditions. If a person is driving through a torrential downpour, it may not be safe to drive 70 miles per hour.

Assigning Fault Due to Inclement Weather

If the defendant is not willing to settle, and a claim goes to court, it may be up to the jury to determine who was at fault and how much money should be awarded. They will determine how much blame for the incident goes to each party. When bad weather becomes a factor, the allocation of fault can get a little complicated.

If there is a cloudy, overcast day with lots of fog, a jury may take that into consideration when determining if a reasonable person in the same or similar circumstances would have taken the actions that led to the accident. At the same time, if that fog had been there throughout the journey, the jury will still be instructed to consider how a reasonable person would have driven.

A bad weather accident lawyer in Winter Garden could consult with an injured plaintiff to determine if their actions during the specific weather conditions will hurt their case.

Discuss Your Options for Compensation with a Winter Garden Bad Weather Car Accident Attorney

Just because the defendant driver crashed into you because of ice, fog, or snow, it does not mean that they cannot be held liable. If you and your Winter Garden bad weather car accident lawyer can prove that the defendant was negligent in driving according to the conditions, you have a chance at compensation. Call The Umansky Law Firm to schedule a free consultation today.

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