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Two cars crashing head-on into each other is one of the most common types of accidents that occurs on Florida roads. A Winter Garden head-on collision lawyer from our law firm has the experience necessary to assist you in making a claim for compensation. Your chance of a successful case increase if you work with a seasoned car accident attorney.

Most Common Injuries in a Front-End Crash

A head-on collision produces a lot of lower extremity injuries with the dashboard being crumpled onto the hips or the knees. There are also a lot of head injuries due to the force of the airbag or the steering wheel.

It is also common to have a case involving broken legs, fractured kneecaps, meniscus tears, ligament tears, femur and ankle fractures, and also injuries to the upper extremities, like the wrists. In a lot of situations when the two cars crash, the impact brings the dashboard steering wheel right into the injured party, resulting in snapped bones in the arm or the wrist.

How is Fault Assigned by Insurance Companies and Traffic Law?

If an individual was on the wrong side of traffic during a crash, they will likely be deemed 100% responsible for that collision. Some factors that insurance companies are going to look at to apportion fault are: did the other car have their headlights on? Were they speeding? Could they have done anything to avoid the collision?

For example, if two cars are careening towards each other at 60 miles an hour and the car in the right lane sees that car down the road, they have a responsibility to try and avoid that individual.

Insurance companies are going to look to see if that person could have done anything to reduce the risk or exposure to that accident. That is why, before speaking to those adjusters, it is important for a person in Winter Garden speak to a qualified head-on accident attorney, because there are going to be certain factors that insurance companies will use against someone to apportion fault, even if the accident seems clear-cut.

The First Steps a Lawyer Takes in a Head-On Collision Case

The most important thing to do after a crash is to ensure that the evidence is collected, such as surveillance footage and photos of the damages to the vehicle. Oftentimes, these vehicles are scrapped far too quickly. Lawyers want to make sure that they get the photos that they will need down the road to prove the significance of the injuries. Photos could also show tire marks on the road, potentially proving that someone tried to brake. One of the key elements to determine if it is helpful to file a lawsuit or not is whether the insurance company is disputing the liability and are trying to apportion a percentage of fault on the plaintiff.

One of the key elements in these cases is utilizing experts known as accident reconstructionists. These are biomechanical engineers who are incredibly qualified to analyze the data from the vehicle, such as from the device within the car that tells the speed of the impact or from photos and a complete biometric scan of that car. They determine, based on the level of damage, the speed and the type of impact that occurred. A Winter Garden front-end car crash lawyer could contact one of these experts to assist with the case.

Following Up with Medical Treatment

Typically, with a head-on collision, the driver will experience some type of impact, whether it be their head smashing into the steering wheel or some type of whiplash.

In addition to getting the proper medical treatment to begin healing the injuries, following up with a doctor is important because it proves that injuries occurred, which will be necessary for making a claim for damages. If someone does not follow their doctor’s medical advice, that might also hinder their odds of winning compensation.

File a Claim for Your Head-On Collision in Winter Garden with Help from an Attorney

If you were not negligent, you should not have to pay for the losses you suffered. However, the defendant’s insurance company might try to cast blame anyway. Fill out a contact form and speak with a Winter Garden head-on collision lawyer for more information.

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