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Car accidents can occur in many ways. While some result in minor damage to your vehicle, others like a high-speed T-bone can put your life at risk. Our auto collision attorneys understand the losses you have suffered in this type of crash and know how to help. Seek out compensation with the aid of a Winter Garden side-impact collision lawyer.

What Constitutes a Side-Impact Collision?

A side-impact collision is commonly referred to as a T-bone collision. It often occurs when a car ignores the traffic signs and blows through an intersection; or after a failure to merge correctly, where one car merges into another car’s blind spot, and causes the two cars to impact. One car usually smashes their front into the side door of the other, which means that second driver is more likely to have serious injuries, especially if the crash happens immediately on their left. The lack of protection on the side of the car means more severe injuries are likely.

First Steps After a T-Bone Crash

The first step a person should take after a crash – in addition to calling for medical assistance – is documenting all insurance information of the parties involved, the property damage, and any injury photos.

The second step is to call 911 to ensure that police are made aware and can do their investigation. Once all of that is taken care of, they should consult a qualified side impact collision attorney in Winter Garden. Unlike a rear-end collision, insurance companies are going to be quicker to try and apportion responsibility, and it is critical to have legal counsel to provide advice on how to handle these initial allegations.

Common Injuries in a Side-Collision

In a T-bone collision, there are often injuries to the neck and lower back, especially as an individual is thrown to their side. Whiplash and neck injuries are common. There are injuries to the legs, whether it be the femur or the knee, from impact with the side door or the dashboard.

People sustain injuries to the wrists since they are holding onto the steering wheel, especially if they are caught off guard in T-bone collision, as their steering wheel is jarred to the side. There could also be injuries to the shoulders, specifically the left shoulder, where the seatbelt comes across their body. A person injured in a side-impact crash should tell a Winter Garden attorney about all of their injuries so they can make a proper demand for compensation.

How Do Rollover Crashes Happen?

A rollover is typically the result of a high-speed impact. Oftentimes it is a rear-end collision or T-bone crash which occurs at high speeds, where the car being struck loses control and is flipped over. Alternatively, one vehicle may be drifting into the next lane over and doing an unintentional pit maneuver, which can cause the car to spin out at a high speed.

Rollover collisions are some of the most severe because the trauma can be significant. Almost all body parts are going to come in contact with some portion of the car. Typically, in rollover collisions, there will be traumatic brain injuries, whether it is from an individual’s head hitting the roof, the window, the stairwell, or the head rest. Spinal cord damage and paralysis are also possible. In some cases, especially if the driver or a passenger is not wearing a seatbelt, the accident can be fatal.

Get the Help You Need from a Winter Garden Side-Impact Collision Attorney

The harm you suffered due to another person’s negligence can lead to significant medical bills and other costs. You should not have to pay this when you did nothing wrong. Place a call to our Winter Garden side-impact collision lawyer and learn what options are available to you.

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