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Wire fraud involves deceitful actions intended to steal money from a victim through a pre-planned scheme. Though both forms of fraud have similar elements, the largest difference is the method of communication. In contrast, wire fraud can be committed through any form of technological communication. Mail fraud only exists in a physical, written format.

Regardless of the methods, wire and mail fraud are federal offenses with serious fines and jail time. If you’re accused of wire fraud, immediately contact an Orlando federal mail and wire fraud lawyer experienced in fraudulent activity to begin planning your defense.

What is Required to be Convicted of Wire Fraud?

When committing wire fraud, scammers use any combination of technology to convince their victims to send money or credit card information. This can be by telephone call, email, text, social media message, or even fax machine. To be convicted of wire fraud, the prosecution needs to prove:

  1. A scheme existed to commit wire fraud.
  2. You intentionally participated in that scheme.
  3. You used a method of online communication to carry out this scheme.

Understanding Wire Fraud Schemes

In order to convict you of wire fraud, the prosecution must prove a scheme was prepared before contacting the victim. This means you planned to use misleading or outright false statements as a means of defrauding the victim. These statements can be in the form of a promise, exchange, or false emergency.

Intent to Carry Out the Scheme

It’s not enough that you planned on using deceitful language. The prosecution must also prove that you intentionally acted on the plan to defraud someone. This can be seemingly innocent, like sending the message under your profile instead of your partner’s. This doesn’t mean the scheme needs to be successful, only that there was clear intent to conduct the fraudulent scheme.

Use of Electronic Communication

Committing wire fraud must involve some form of electronic communication, even if that communication was only used to develop the scheme. By using technological communication, the planning and commitment of wire fraud crosses state lines and becomes a federal crime.

How Does Wire Fraud Differ from Mail Fraud?

Whereas wire fraud is committed by crossing state lines through electronic communication, mail fraud requires a physical letter to be mailed to the victim. Mail and wire fraud charges are often intertwined with each other, as mail fraud can be committed even if the scheme was conceived over electronic communication.

While the United States Postal Inspection Service divides mail fraud into several categories, the most common scams are listed below.

  • Vulnerable Groups. Millions of people receive mail fraud a year; unfortunately, elderly people and veterans are commonly targeted with mail fraud scams that promote potential benefits or employment opportunities for veterans with PTSD.
  • Lottery or Sweepstake Scams. This form of mail fraud will often come disguised as a letter congratulating you for winning the lottery, but only if you answer in the next week with a letter and certified check.
  • Financial and Employment Scams. False job offers, pyramid schemes, and financial offers that require you to make a payment first are all common types of financial and employment mail fraud.

What Happens if I’m Accused of Mail Fraud?

In order to be convicted of mail fraud, the prosecution must prove two things: (1) that you developed a scheme to commit mail fraud through one of the above means, and (2) that you went through with your scheme intentionally. This process is very similar to accusations of wire fraud, so the two crimes are often charged together.

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