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Feel like you were wrongfully accused of this traffic violation? Our Orlando improper lane change lawyers are standing by to assist with your case.

Some motorists mistakenly believe that receiving a ticket for a traffic violation — an improper lane change infraction, for example — is a minor legal matter. They think they can pay the fine and move on, never having to worry about the infraction again. However, when you pay a fine for improper lane change, you are admitting guilt. Three points will be assessed to your driver’s license, and your insurance company can drastically increase your rates. It is worth your time to speak with a defense attorney who can protect your rights and help you avoid points on your driver’s license.

“Too Many Points” Can Result In Driver’s License Suspension

If you pay the traffic ticket, three points will be assessed to your driver’s license. Points can stack up quickly, even for minor infractions, and it could result in you losing your driving privileges.

  • 12 points in one year: 30 day driver’s license suspension
  • 18 points in eighteen months: Three month driver’s license suspension
  • 24 points in three years: One year driver’s license suspension

Our traffic defense attorneys can make your defense a top priority. We understand that losing your driving privileges can affect your entire family. You may be unable to commute to work or bring your children for their activities. We can help you fight the ticket and avoid points on your driver’s license.

When choosing a lawyer, it is best to choose one close to the jurisdiction where the ticket was received. Because the law is open to interpretation by the ticketing officer, Orlando residents going to court to fight a ticket can often be successful if a local Orlando attorney represents the driver. An error in judgment either by a police officer or by an individual can have far reaching consequences but it does not have to be if you obtain legal representation.

If you were driving and made dangerous or improper lane changes that earned you a hefty traffic ticket, contact an Orlando improper lane change attorney at The Umansky Law Firm.


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