Driving Too Fast for Conditions in Orlando

Where driving in school zones and areas around parks is dangerous, so is driving in adverse weather conditions. Were you cited for this? Feel like you’d rather fight your ticket?  Call us today to arrange for a free consultation after driving too fast for conditions in Orlando.

Driving too fast for conditions is a violation of Florida Statues Chapter 316, Section 183, Subsection 1. This violation is issued when speeding occurs during adverse weather conditions. If convicted, this violation will place 3 points on your license and carry a fine.

In Orlando, weather conditions can change in the blink-of-an-eye. The tropical weather in Orlando is perfect for a daily rain shower, and many of those showers quickly turn into large storms. When the weather turns bad, driving conditions become hazardous. Florida law requires you to turn your headlights on and reduce your speed during these weather conditions.

Currently, under the state law, a speeding fine can result in a ticket that is valued at $25-250 per offense. If the ticketing officer finds that the speeding offense occurred in a construction or school zone, these fines can be increased up to $1000 per offense.

When you have points placed upon your license, you can guarantee that your insurance rates will increase. Depending on any previous violations you may already have against your license, you may even be dropped from your policy. Finding a new policy will be very expensive, and this expense will continue for many years.

When you receive a traffic violation for this type of offense, you should consider hiring a traffic attorney. A lawyer may be able to reduce the fine for this offense, and possibly have the points waived.

When you hire an attorney, your main objective is to seek a lower fine and eliminate the points. Preventing these points from being attached to your record will save you a lot of money and stress later down the road.  So think ahead!  Have an experienced attorney that deals with these kind of tickets at The Umansky Law Firm handle your court appearance.

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    Driving Too Fast for Conditions in Orlando