Violation of a Traffic Control Device in Orlando

Traffic control devices are in place to keep everyone on the road as safe as possible. They may instruct you to yield at specific points or stop at intersections. Traffic tickets are common among drivers that fail to obey traffic control devices. However, receiving a ticket is not the same as being guilty of disobeying one of these devices. Far too many people make the mistake of just paying the citation and admitting guilt because they don’t realize they have other options. But the truth is the points that can accumulate on your license can lead to severe consequences down the road. The Umansky Law Firm has an extensive background in helping people in your situation to resolve this issue, sometimes getting the case dismissed entirely.

We are the go-to Orlando traffic light ticket attorneys, in part because of our vast knowledge of Florida traffic laws and our aggressive approach in employing successful traffic ticket defense strategies. We have saved countless clients’ driving records and helped them avoid the hefty fines that often accompany a guilty plea.

Traffic Control Device Violation Examples

“Traffic control device” is a technical term for any of the many traffic signals, signs, and other devices you see on roads daily. Common traffic control device violations include:

  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Failing to yield at a yield sign
  • Making an illegal U-turn
  • Ignoring flashing lights
  • Ignoring temporary signs
  • Speeding
  • Encroaching on a sidewalk
  • Railroad crossing infractions

If you receive a ticket for any one of these infractions, your first impulse is likely just to pay it. However, depending on the circumstances leading up to the ticket, this might be one of the worst things you can do. This is especially poignant if the ticket in question is likely to lead to steep fines or additional points on your driving record.

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Penalties for Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device in Orlando

On Central Florida’s hectic roadways, heavy traffic may compel drivers to do just about anything to shave a few minutes off a stressful commute. What may be a seemingly innocent infraction of going a few miles over the speed limit or making an illegal U-turn can impact your ability to even have a license in Florida. This is because all too often, the actions that can save a person time are illegal and can quickly lead to an unwanted traffic ticket. Florida Statute § 316.04 clearly states: “The driver of any vehicle shall obey the instructions of any official traffic control device applicable thereto, placed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, unless otherwise directed by a police officer…”

A person who fails to obey a traffic control device can put their life and the lives of fellow drivers at risk, which is why penalties for these traffic violations seem harsh. In Florida, a citation for failure to obey a traffic control device is a three-point offense.

Driver’s license penalties can threaten your driving privileges if they aren’t resolved in a timely manner. Consider that just three points on your Florida driver’s license can put you in position to have your license suspended. Accumulating 12 points over a 12-month period merits revocation of your driving privileges in the Sunshine State.

Drivers Under 18 at Greater Risk of License Revocation in Orlando

Drivers under 18 who violate these traffic laws face even stiffer penalties. The challenge here is that younger drivers are more prone to mistakes where traffic control devices are concerned. Yet, they are punished more harshly than seasoned drivers.

All it takes for an underage driver to face a suspended license is six points. With three points gone right off the bat, that leaves room for just one more failure to obey traffic control devices to go before an underage driver’s license is suspended.

Reach Out to an Orlando Traffic Control Device Attorney

Your best chance of having the fine reduced or even eliminated and keeping points off your license is through the acquisition of a seasoned lawyer. The Orlando traffic device violation lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm have more than 100 years of combined experience that we can implement to help you keep your driving privileges.

Attorney William Umansky has more than 25 years of experience providing “second chances” to clients who have faced consequences for their alleged offenses and can do the same for you. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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    Violation of a Traffic Control Device in Orlando