Orlando International Airport Arrests

Orlando International Airport Arrests

Orlando International Airport Arrests


Orlando’s bustling international airport is the second-busiest airport in Florida and the thirteenth-busiest in the entire country. In 2016, the number of passengers traveling through MCO broke a record 44 million. With such a high influx of travelers, arrests are relatively common for a variety of offenses. If you were recently arrested at Orlando International Airport or its neighbor, Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Brevard County, you deserve reliable legal representation.

Air travel dramatically changed as of 9/11/2001. Since then, heightened security measures have become the bane of flying by plane. The more people who fly through Orlando, the more security tightens. The Department of Homeland Security employs thousands of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents to ensure safe travels for the millions of passengers the Orlando airport receives. TSA Agents thoroughly screen passengers for several prohibited items, including drugs and weapons. They vigorously enforce zero tolerance policies, and at times, even infants and seniors can be subjected to invasive searches.

I Got Caught with Pot at the Orlando Airport, Now What?

Due to these increased security measures and heightened scrutiny on the part of TSA agents screening luggage, security agents are catching more travelers with illegal substances in their possession. Orlando International Airport has recently banned the transportation of legally-prescribed marijuana, meaning that even if you have a valid prescription for marijuana for a legitimate medical cause, you may be arrested and detained at the airport for a federal drug offense.

As marijuana becomes more accepted state by state, the federal government stands by the assertion that it is a dangerous Schedule I controlled substance. Federal and state laws are constantly butting heads over the legality of pot; however, federal law trumps state law. Thus, even if you are traveling from a state with legal medical marijuana to another state that permits it, you cannot bring that marijuana to Orlando International Airport.

The airport is a government property and is thus subject to federal law. If you do carry marijuana on your person or attempt to transport it in your luggage — whether it is checked luggage or a carry-on– and you get caught, you could face serious federal charges. These charges can obstruct your entire future and severely damage your reputation. If you were arrested in the Orlando airport for marijuana possession, a strong criminal defense is in order.

Gun Offenses at the Airport

In 2015, airport police discovered weapons on fifty people at Orlando International Airport. Florida is one of six states that have declared airport terminals “sensitive places” where guns and weapons are banned. This means that even if you have a concealed weapons permit, you may not carry a handgun, concealed weapon, or firearm in the sensitive areas of an airport. Additionally, if you are a legal gun owner, you cannot fly with firearms on your person, nor can any firearm be loaded at any time while in transit. The TSA stresses these guidelines for traveling with a firearm:

  • The firearm must be unloaded and contained in a locked, hard-shelled container as checked baggage only.
  • The owner must declare the firearm and/ or ammunition to the airline when checking his bag at the counter.
  • The container must completely secure the firearm — no one but the owner should be able to access the weapon.

Firearms charges are extremely serious. A conviction could possibly prevent you from obtaining or owning a firearm in the future. An Orlando criminal defense lawyer who defends airport offenses can help you secure your gun rights.

Other Criminal Offenses

People can get into all kinds of issues with law enforcement at any airport in Central Florida. If you face such issues, you have the right to obtain keen representation by an attorney with decades of experience defending clients with cases like yours. Some common offenses include:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Carrying a concealed firearm
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Criminal trespass
  • Disorderly conduct
  • DUI
  • Illegal drug possession
  • Theft
  • Resisting an officer

William Umansky of The Umansky Law Firm has over 25 years of experience fighting for second chances. He has extensive knowledge regarding criminal defense throughout Central Florida and can aggressively defend your Orlando airport crime. He is an active member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and was recently named a 2017 Super Lawyer by Super Lawyers Magazine. He and his team of attorneys look forward to reviewing your case. Contact our firm by calling 407-228-3838 or chat online with a live associate 24/7

Orlando International Airport Arrests