Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea for Roofing Contractors in Orlando

Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea for Roofing ContractorsMost people don’t often think about the roof over their heads. That is, until it springs a leak! Having a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing roof is crucial, yet not often noticed unless disaster strikes. That’s why roofers are so important. A roofing contractor is a person who specializes in roof construction and repair. They both work and oversee this roofing process in both residential and commercial construction to ensure that the structure is built safely and according to the client’s intended design.

For roofing contractors in Orlando, having a valid license is essential to carrying out their job. Licensed roofing contractors are overseen by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR), and the Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB) is responsible for issuing licenses to roofing contractors in Florida. However, if you’re convicted of a criminal offense, your license and certifications may be suspended or revoked, which can affect your livelihood. To make matters worse, if you fail to notify the Board of your conviction or plea deal, it could result in additional penalties beyond the statutory consequences handed down by the state.

What Are the Grounds for an Orlando Roofing Contractor to Face Disciplinary Action?

Complaints against roofing contractors vary from allegations of taking customers’ money for incomplete work to advertising cheap services then “up-selling” for an expensive new roof or unforeseen repairs.

According to Florida Statute 489.129, numerous acts make up grounds for a complaint that can lead to disciplinary actions against you, including:

  • Abandonment of a roofing project before completion
  • Roof design flaws and oversights, such as a leaking roof
  • Roof design actions or errors claimed to cause construction defects
  • Performing work without appropriate permits or licensure
  • Failing to report past criminal history to DBPR
  • Neglectful supervision of roofing construction
  • Neglectful preparation of building site
  • Fraud or thievery
  • Carelessness resulting in property damage or injury

Fortunately, with an experienced defense lawyer by your side, you may be able to sidestep the penalties associated with the crime and save your license.

What Are the Repercussions for Failing to Report a Plea Deal or Conviction to the DBPR?

No matter the crime you’re accused, it’s essential to understand the professional ramifications and the criminal sanctions you may face. Ultimately, if you enter a plea deal or you’re charged with a crime, the DBPR may find probable cause to penalize your roofing contractor license. Even if you aren’t charged with a crime, breaking your contract’s terms can instigate a disciplinary hearing.

The penalties that you may face if you fail to report your plea deal or conviction—or if you’re found in violation of your Florida roofing license contract—include the following:

  • A letter of reprimand
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • A license suspension
  • A license revocation

As a roofing contractor, failing to report your conviction or plea can risk your license and livelihood. If you think you may lose your license, don’t delay seeking trusted legal defense.

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    Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea for Roofing Contractors in Orlando