Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea for Veterinarians in Orlando

Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea for VeterinariansToday’s veterinarians are educated to protect the well-being of animals. These individuals work hard to address the health and welfare needs of every species of animal—from pets to those in the wild— to ensure they’re in good health. Likewise, veterinarians are not only crucial to animal health, but they also tangentially play a significant role in improving areas such as public health, food safety, research, and the protection of our environment.

However, it’s important to note that Orlando veterinarians must be licensed, which requires that they follow a strict set of guidelines. One such standard is that, if they’re convicted of a crime, they must report that conviction or plea to the Board of Veterinary Medicine. Failing to do so may result in a suspension or revocation of their license in addition to the other penalties beyond what’s handed down by the state.

Who Licenses Veterinarians in Florida?

Those seeking a veterinarian license can do so through the Board of Veterinary Medicine under the Department of Business and Professional Regulations. The Board of Veterinary Medicine is in charge of licensing and regulating the practice of all professionals in veterinary medicine in Florida.

Why Is It Important for Veterinarians to Be Licensed in Orlando?

All professional Florida veterinarians are required to be licensed if they wish to perform in the state. To become licensed, vets must meet educational requirements—which include a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine—which helps to guarantee pet owners and the public that they’re qualified to treat, diagnose, and medicate animals in the right way. Veterinarians provide many services to treat pets, such as:

  • Diagnosing health problems
  • Treating and dressing wounds
  • Vaccinating against diseases
  • Performing surgery
  • Medicating animals that are ill or diseased
  • Setting fractures
  • Educating owners on animal nutrition, breeding, and behavior

Performing any tasks related to veterinary medicine without a valid license can lead to damaging outcomes that might involve criminal charges. Likewise, even if you are licensed, breaking your contract terms may lead to additional penalties because of the strict reporting requirements for licensed veterinarians in Florida. This includes failing to report a criminal violation to the Board.

A criminal violation often results in more severe consequences for licensed professionals than someone who doesn’t hold a license or certification because they may lose their ability to work, in addition to other penalties. If you’ve been convicted or are facing a plea deal, it’s essential that you attain experienced legal counsel as soon as possible to safeguard your veterinarian career.

What Are the Repercussions for Failing to Report a Conviction or Plea Deal to the Board of Veterinary Medicine?

If a veterinarian fails to report their conviction or plea deal to the Board of Veterinary Medicine, they could potentially face penalties that include a letter of reprimand, fines, probation, suspension, or revocation. Violations that may result in disciplinary action include conviction of crimes unrelated to their profession or the following dentistry-related encroachments:

  • Filing a deceptive or false record or report
  • Practicing veterinary medicine without a license
  • Practicing on a suspended or revoked license
  • Being unable to practice with reasonable safety or skill
  • Providing services while intoxicated
  • Advertising in a manner that’s fraudulent, deceptive, or false

To file a complaint against a licensed veterinarian in Florida, individuals can contact the DBPR and complete a Uniform Complaint Form.

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    Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea for Veterinarians in Orlando