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Prostitution is an illegal activity that involves one person paying another for sex. This criminal activity has surged in Florida. The increase is attributed to how easily one can advertise themselves as an escort service on the internet to attract potential customers who will pay for sex. In response to this growing issue, law enforcement officials are focusing more of their efforts on arresting and prosecuting acts of prostitution under Florida criminal laws. Our Orange County prostitution lawyers can provide more information.

Orange County Prostitution Charges

To understand the laws about prostitution, one should know how the law defines such acts. According to Statute 796.07, using your body for sexual activity for hire is considered prostitution.

Sexual activity is defined as sexual acts involving oral, anal or vaginal penetration, and/or masturbation of the sex organs. Additional behavior that would fall under this statute includes lewdness and assignation. Lewdness is an act that a court determines to be obscene or indecent. Assignation involves scheduling or other engagement for the purpose of prostitution, lewdness, or anything related to sex that is illegal.

There are several ways law enforcement charges individuals with prostitution. State law says that any of the following is considered a crime:

  • Offering money or any other compensation in exchange for sex or other sex-related activities
  • Offering sex in exchange for cash or other forms of compensation
  • Aiding or abetting others to exchange sex or other sex-related services for compensation
  • Transporting people to trade sex or other sex-related services for compensation
  • Maintaining a business, room, or other location for the purpose of exchanging sex or sex-related services for compensation

Acts conducted between married couples, or a legitimate medical procedure that might involve elements of sexual activity are not in violation.

Penalties for Prostitution and Related Crimes

Depending on your situation and whether you already have prior convictions, penalties for this crime can vary. Florida statute 796.07(4) punishes offenders as follows:

First time violation – Second-degree misdemeanor

  • May receive at minimum a fine and/or court costs
  • Possible jail time of up to 60 days in jail
  • Up to 6 months probation which includes STD testing and AIDS awareness programs

Second violation – First-degree misdemeanor

  • May receive only a fine and/or court costs, but unlikely
  • Up to one year in county jail
    Possibly sentenced up to 12 months of probation which includes STD testing and AIDS awareness programs

Third violation or more – Third-degree felony

  • Face up to five years in prison
  • Up to $5,000 in fines
  • Possible maximum of 5 years probation which includes STD testing and AIDS awareness programs
  • Diversion is possible for a third time offender through court-ordered pretrial or substance abuse treatment programs.

There is the potential for having your driver’s license revoked if your

Additionally, lawmakers passed the “John Statute” which specifically addresses those who compensate another in exchange for sex (see 796.07(6)). This statute levies a mandatory $5,000 fine against those who are convicted and accompanies additional mandatory penalties like:

  • Mandatory 10 days in jail
  • Vehicle impoundment or immobilization
  • Possible revocation of one’s driving privileges

The consequences don’t stop there  If one is found guilty of forcing others into prostitution, a violation of Statute 796.04, that is considered a third-degree felony. A sentence of up to 5 years in prison is possible, for EACH violation of this type. So, if a defendant is found guilty of forcing three people to engage in prostitution, it’s possible to receive five years for each person who was forced including any other related punishments that the court determines is warranted.

Another exception to Florida’s punishments for prostitution would be for those guilty of making money from prostitutes working for them, also known as pimping. This charge is a third-degree felony and carries a sentence of up to 5 years in prison and a fine of no more than $5,000.

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If you were caught in a compromising situation, or a loved one is facing a prostitution-related charge, don’t wait to seek representation. These types of crimes do make it into newspapers or onto local law enforcement web pages. It’s crucial that you hire an Orange County prostitution attorney who is knowledgeable about the criminal court processes.

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