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There are unique challenges that come with facing allegations of sexual misconduct. While any criminal charge should be taken seriously, sex crime allegations trigger an emotional response that can make it difficult for the accused to receive a fair trial.

If you are facing sex crime charges, it is vital you talk to a skilled criminal defense attorney right away so they can ensure you are treated fairly during this difficult time. An Orange County sex crimes lawyer could advocate on your behalf while preparing you for what to expect throughout the process.

Common Examples of Sex Crimes

When it comes to sex crimes, there are many different offenses that fall into this category. Each crime has its own set of elements the state must prove to secure a conviction, which requires proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Some of the common sex offenses charged in Orange County include the following:

  • Indecent exposure
  • Sexual assault
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Solicitation of a prostitute
  • Prostitution
  • Child molestation
  • Rape

Each of these criminal offenses is unique but there is no question that a conviction on any sex offense is serious. The consequences of a conviction can impact a person’s life forever, including social ostracization and difficulty acquiring a job. Thankfully, an arrest for a sex offense does not always result in a conviction.

With the help of an Orange County sex crimes attorney, it could be possible to win at trial or even have the charges dismissed by the state. This starts with building a viable defense strategy. The defense strategies that work in sex offense cases could include mistaken identity, proving that there was consent, or a lack of evidence.

Consequences of Sex Crimes Conviction

A conviction in a sex crimes case can have steep consequences. Like with any criminal charge, a person convicted could face the risk of incarceration or fines. With sex offenses, there is the additional risk of civil commitment and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Prison Time and Fines

The standard penalties associated with criminal behavior are jail time and fines. Most sex crimes are considered felony offenses which can result in years behind bars. The fines in these cases can add up to thousands of dollars depending on the severity.

Registering as a Sex Offender

Anyone convicted of a sex crime must also register as a sex offender according to state law. This registry provides the public with information regarding a sex offender’s risk level, convictions, and current residence. Some convictions could require a person to remain on the registry for the rest of their life.

Civil Commitment

In some cases, the state might seek something called civil commitment. These proceedings are not the same as a criminal trial, and civil commitment is different from incarceration. With civil commitment, the state can detain a person in a mental health facility following the completion of their sentence if they remain a risk to the public. An Orange County sex crimes attorney could fight a civil commitment in court.

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