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A college student in Florida accused of academic or criminal wrongdoing could face a number of consequences for their behavior. Not only is there the potential for disciplinary action, but in some cases this wrongdoing could lead to a criminal arrest as well.

If you or the college student in your life are facing disciplinary action on campus, now is the time to speak with a skilled defense attorney. The right legal counsel could not only assist with on-campus disciplinary proceedings but also defend against any criminal charges as well. Let an Orange County college student defense lawyer protect a student’s rights and future by building the strongest possible defense.

Typical Criminal Charges Facing College Students

There are many situations that could result in criminal charges for college or university students. While these students must comply with the same laws as any other person, certain criminal charges are especially common among the student population. These offenses can include:

Each of these criminal charges has the potential to derail a student’s education. However, they could also have other serious penalties including possible incarceration or fines.

There are viable defenses for each of these criminal charges and finding the right defense strategy depends on the facts of each case. An Orange County college student defense attorney could evaluate a police report and determine the best way to fight these charges, which may include calling the officer’s or witness’s credibility into question, trying to prove mistaken identity, or showing that the illegal drugs or alcohol was not actually in the student’s possession.

Potential Consequences of Disciplinary Action

The consequences that come from disciplinary action for academic violations are very different compared to criminal cases. While there is no risk of jail time or fines, a finding of wrongdoing during disciplinary proceedings could have a dramatic impact on a person’s future education or employment opportunities.

Each school approaches discipline differently, which includes the potential penalties that could be handed out. In cases of academic fraud or dishonesty, it is not uncommon for a disciplinary committee to issue grade penalties or automatic failing grades.

These penalties might also include reduced campus privileges. A student might lose their ability to access certain areas of campus or take advantage of programs designed for students. Finally, serious offenses could result in probation, suspension, or expulsion from school. Many schools allow legal counsel during these proceedings.

Disciplinary Hearings for Academic Violations

While every school approaches discipline differently, each college or university is required to have some kind of procedure for handling allegations against students. The disciplinary process is never as formal as a criminal proceeding. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to the rights of students being trampled along the way. An allegation is not the same as a conviction, and every student deserve to have a chance to defend themselves.

College students generally have a right to consult with an Orange County, FL attorney during the disciplinary process. Depending on the school in question, lawyers are often able to directly represent an accused student. While this process may not be as formal as a criminal trial, it is always a good idea to rely on an attorney in these situations.

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If you are a student being investigated for school code or state law violations, you have the right to defend yourself. This includes not only during criminal proceedings but also during school disciplinary hearings as well. Contact an Orange County college student defense lawyer today to get started.

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