Can You Name One of the 130 Laws Going Into Effect Tomorrow?

On Wednesday, Florida will be putting 130 new laws into effect, but most Floridians can’t name a single one of these new laws. We felt that this needed to be addressed, so we broke down a list of the ones we thought you needed to know about and of course the ones we thought were most entertaining.

1) SB 186:

64 ounce beer containers known as “Growlers” may now be filled at your local brewery.

2) HB 225:

All flags flown by governments in Florida must be grown, produced and manufactured in the USA.

3) SB 160:

Rural postal carriers are no longer required to wear a seatbelt.


4) SB 290:

You may now pocket your weapon if forced to leave your home because of natural disaster.

Big-gun-meme.jpg5) SB 264:

Local law enforcement can no longer use ticket quotas.


6) HB 33A:

No more sales tax on gun club memberships.


Here are few less amusing, but equally significant laws that will also be taking effect tomorrow:

– SB 248: Certain videos made by police body cameras on private property without approval of the property owner or individual may become exempt from public records.

– HB 7001: Children under the age of 18 are allowed to record any conversation related to sexual abuse or other violent acts.

– HB 133: The statute of limitation for felony sexual battery offenses has been extended from four to ten years.

– SB 766: Drones may not be used to capture images that could infringe on privacy of property owners or occupants.

– HB 269: Terminally ill patients now may have access to certain experimental drugs.

– HB 33A: In addition to the gun membership tax cut, the most notable reduction will be seen on the communication services tax for cell-phone and cable bills.