Why You Should Hire a Former Prosecutor for Criminal Defense

Why You Should Hire a Former Prosecutor for Criminal Defense

Why You Should Hire a Former Prosecutor for Criminal Defense

The Florida Bar heavily regulates legal advertising, and there are particulars that law firms cannot tout. One thing the Florida Bar allows is for attorneys to speak of their prior experience as long as it can be verified. At The Umansky Law Firm, Attorney William D. Umansky honed his legal skills serving as The City Prosecutor for the City of Orlando as well as Assistant State Attorney in Florida. What does that mean for individuals looking to hire a criminal defense attorney? In this article, we’ll consider the skills and understanding that former prosecutors learn at the State Attorney’s Office, and why it matters in criminal defense.

What Does a State Prosecutor Do?

A state prosecutor represents either the state or federal government. A state prosecutor is responsible for producing substantial evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that a person charged with a crime is guilty. Because a prosecutor has the authority to dismiss criminal charges, change criminal charges, and offer a plea deal – they are the most influential person in a trial room. Even judges do not have these liberties. State prosecutors decide what charges to press against a person along with what penalty to seek.

A Prosecutor Has Insight on the Prosecutorial Mentality

While the staff at the State Attorney’s Offices may change since a former prosecutor worked there, one thing that remains constant is the prosecutorial mentality. Former prosecutors understand how current prosecutors think and the pressures that they face – whether that be pressure from politics, a judge’s policies, or from a victim. In other words, a former prosecutor not only has insight into the current prosecutor’s role and the State Attorney’s Office but can also use that insight and experience to benefit their clients.

A Former Prosecutor Gets a Great Deal of Trial Experience

State prosecutors typically get a lot of trial experience litigating cases in the trial court. On the other hand, many attorneys also practice criminal law but rarely see the center of a courtroom. The truth is many criminal cases that are filed are resolved before going to trial. A lawyer who has had the chance to argue criminal cases in trial court will be more prepared and qualified to defend your case in trial, should there be a need.

A Former Prosecutor Understands Police Procedures and Internal Politics

A former prosecutor will understand how the state will collect evidence and how they will likely try to present that evidence in court. There is a way that evidence is supposed to be gathered by police officers and detectives. A former prosecutor with years of experience working with law enforcement understands how an honest mistake of collecting evidence or other damaging information can significantly impact the outcome of your case and what evidence there is against you.

A Former Prosecutor May Perceive How a Judge is Likely to Rule Because They’ve Spent Years Appearing Before the Judge

Understanding where your criminal defense attorney served as a former prosecutor can benefit your case a great deal. If your attorney worked in the same county, city, or state that your case is in, there’s a good chance that they know the judge presiding over it. That gives your attorney a unique understanding of whether your judge is habitually tough or tolerant of the nature of the crime you’ve been accused of.

This discernment supports your lawyer on advising how to proceed with your case. Whether that’s going to trial or seeking a plea deal, deciding how to proceed is ultimately your decision. This additional information, however, allows you to make an educated decision on how to resolve your case best.

Why Should Former Prosecutor Experience Matter to Someone Seeking Criminal Defense?

Merely holding the title of a former prosecutor does not make your attorney more valuable than another type of criminal defense attorney. What makes the difference is what information and resources that individuals gathered from the position and how that information can help defend a person accused of a crime. If you or someone you love has been arrested and is facing criminal charges, choosing the right defense attorney is one of the most vital decisions you can make after the arrest.

This decision should not be taken lightly, as selecting a lawyer without the experience and necessary background can negatively impact your future or your loved one’s future for years to come. One mistake should not ruin a person’s life. Everyone deserves a second chance! At The Umansky Law Firm, we work tirelessly to make that second chance happen for our clients.

Knowledgeable Former Prosecutors Dedicated to Criminal Defense in Orlando

Whether the criminal charges you or a loved one face is a third-degree misdemeanor, a first-degree felony, all criminal cases should never be taken lightly. A possibility penalty of facing monetary fines, jail, or prison time can damage a person’s life for years to come. Securing experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense is vital to your future freedom and well-being.

At The Umansky Law Firm, we don’t believe that your life should be defined by one mistake. Bill Umansky and many on his team are former prosecutors who have tried hundreds of cases in Florida courtrooms and have a unique advantage that most other law firms can’t offer. To schedule a free consultation and speak with an accomplished criminal defense attorney today, complete an online contact form or call today.

Why You Should Hire a Former Prosecutor for Criminal Defense