Why December Can be a Bad Month in Orlando for Car Accidents

Why December Can be a Bad Month in Orlando for Car Accidents

Why December Can be a Bad Month in Orlando for Car Accidents

If there’s one thing about the Orlando area in December, it’s that tourists, both foreign and domestic, love the region. They flock here for Central Florida’s theme parks, holiday attractions, and the tropical t-shirt weather. Not surprisingly, as thousands of people arrive, local roads get congested, particularly the highways. With many of the visitors unfamiliar with the area, the risk of car accidents goes up.

And add to that the office parties, Christmas events, and New Year’s Eve celebrations happening here, and you might see where this is going. A lot of drinking goes on in December, and drunk driving accidents, unfortunately, spike as well. While December can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year for holiday celebrations, it can also be a deadly time on the road.

Why is Orlando So Busy and Crowded in December?

Tourism numbers tell the story: Orlando’s top attractions are jammed with tourists in the winter when the weather can still soar into the 80s. The popular theme parks are known to stop admitting visitors by late morning once they’ve reached capacity. The number of visitors to Florida keeps rising each year, and spending the holidays here is very popular.

Since domestic visitors sometimes drive here and those who arrive by plane usually rent a car, Orlando’s highways can get bumper to bumper in December. With so many people behind the wheel — many of them coming from foreign countries and unfamiliar with the local roads — the chances of an accident go up.

As the highways get busier, Central Florida has the additional disadvantage of being right in the middle of a massive reconstruction project on the region’s top highway, Interstate 4, which takes Orlando area visitors straight to the theme parks. Called “the Orlando Expressway,” I-4 is now being rebuilt to improve the infrastructure and accommodate both the newcomers moving here and the more than 4.5 million visitors who come to Florida annually. 

But as the road construction work continues, accidents have gone up, and the chances for more increase as the highway gets busier during the holidays. Since construction began on the I-4 Ultimate project in 2015, there have been four deaths and more than 150 injuries reported to federal highway officials. A study released in November even deemed Interstate 4 the most dangerous in the country, with more fatalities than it has miles. The interstate is at the top of the list nationally with 1.25 deaths per mile, according to the study.

Why Do Orlando’s Holiday Parties Contribute to Car Accidents?

December in Central Florida is a great time for festive parties and social events, and with the mild and tropical temperatures, more people leave their homes to take advantage of all the fun things to do here. But like any other major city, Orlando sees an increase in drinking and driving over the holidays, putting more people at risk when they get on the roads. The U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that drunk drivers contribute to 40 percent of traffic deaths over Christmas and New Year’s.

Driving under the influence can cause fatalities, especially during the holidays. The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that 300 Americans die each year in the days surrounding the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Studies also indicate that people who don’t often drink and have a lower tolerance for alcohol do more drinking over the holidays, which makes this an especially deadly time of year on the roads. While area residents who plan to attend holiday parties and do some drinking are urged to avoid the roads and use cabs or rideshares instead, not everyone does.

If you do get into a car accident in December, whether you’re visiting Orlando or call this city home, it’s important to seek out the advice and assistance of a personal injury attorney who knows the law and can help you get full compensation for your injuries.

Turn to Trusted Car Accident Attorneys in Orlando

December in Orlando can be a time for joyous holiday fun, but it’s also a time when the congested roadways have more accidents. If you find yourself in an accident this month in Orlando, the best course of action is to contact a trusted attorney who resolves car accident claims in Central Florida.

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Why December Can be a Bad Month in Orlando for Car Accidents