What Type of Doctor Should I See after a Car Accident?

What Type of Doctor Should I See after a Car Accident?

What Type of Doctor Should I See after a Car Accident?

The frightening experience of a car accident may bring pain and unbearable stress. When you are in an accident, it’s vital to see a medical provider as soon as possible. Never underestimate the long term results of a minor impact as they often do cause injuries that do not appear right away. The doctor you choose to treat you will also impact your overall health, so it’s vital to know who to visit and how their services help your medical situation.

Emergency Room Doctors

Often the first place auto crash victims go for care, especially if their injuries are severe, emergency rooms are a good option for initial assessments. They will diagnose any injuries you have suffered and provide short term treatment until you have the opportunity to see your regular healthcare provider or see a specialist. Another benefit to visiting the ER after a crash is their willingness to bill your injury protection insurance (PIP).

Your Primary Care Doctor

Many patients don’t realize that their general practitioner may send them elsewhere for accident aftercare. There are a couple of good reasons for this starting with the type of care they are trained to provide. Some injuries, like those involving your musculoskeletal system, are not a field of practice that your primary care physician may have the expertise to treat, so a referral to another physician is needed. Another reason your regular doctor might refuse care has to do with billing your PIP policy. Many doctor offices are not set up to process car accident injury claims.

Urgent Care Office

Urgent care centers offer limited minor injury treatment options and every office is different in what they treat. Some sites provide x-ray and broken bone treatment while others will immediately refer you to the emergency room. Consider these offices as a last resort as your injuries may not receive the needed attention they deserve. You should also schedule a follow-up appointment with your regular doctor after visiting an urgent care center.

Car Accident Doctors

These are doctors who specialize in car accident injuries. Whether you choose to go to their office as a referral or use their services as your first treatment option, they are an excellent choice for care. Because of their specialized training in crash injuries, you will receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Many car accident doctors offer a comprehensive treatment plan that manages your pain, physical therapy needs, neurological care, orthopedic needs, and more. Since their practice focuses on auto crashes, there won’t be an issue for them to bill your PIP insurance. They understand the requirements and complexities of this type of coverage and will file everything correctly to prevent delays. Their thorough documentation process provides all the information needed to process your injury claim quickly.

Central Florida Car Accident Lawyer

Even though many accident injuries receive care through a doctor’s office with PIP insurance, the short and long term effects cost sufferers a lot more. A car accident lawyer helps to take care of the added costs of lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional damages, property damages, and more.

The Umansky Law Firm considers the best interest of our clients a top priority when dealing with insurance companies. We don’t let them minimize the loss and pain you have endured. We have over 100 years of combined experience helping those who have suffered all manner of injuries due to an auto accident. Let us help by giving you a free case evaluation today. Call at any time or complete our contact form to get the answers you need after experiencing a car accident injury.

What Type of Doctor Should I See after a Car Accident?